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Sound morphing. Please read

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Catlyfe, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ok so I am laying in bed listening to some music. I am REALLY BAKED and I think I hear people talking. It's probably just the wins because the fan is on. I feel as if I'm being experimented on. So damn high. This should go start dying down now!!!!
  2. No, when you listen to music you probably hear sounds the artist put in the song that are very faint, and just assume it's coming from your room.
  3. But I'm not listening with headphones. My phone is next to my left ear. :( ;( :'(
  4. LOL it is the fan, I used to hear voices when the fan was on even when I wasn't high and no one was in the house. (20 inch fan)

    I JUST HEARD 2 phone rings and I distinctly heard someone answering AND I STILL HEAR IT PLEASE! I'm tripping right now. Any words of comfort? I gotta calm down!
  6. ye when my fans on and im lyin down it kinda sounds like a t.v is on downstairs
  7. #8 Catlyfe, Aug 5, 2011
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    That must be it, but I'm leaving this room I'm going in the living room!!!!!!!!
  8. Sounds like you are paranoid haha :)
  9. I heard demonic voices with the fan on and I wasn't even high
  10. These fans are a conspiracy.
  11. When im really high I hear voices 2 just sayin ;D
  12. Whenever i listen to Floyd when im real baked (always) I think im hearing shit but realize its the random noises/voices in the background of some of their songs
  13. #15 Sweetleaftoker, Aug 5, 2011
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    The govt is using them to get you!! Get rid of them IMMEDIATELY!
  14. There are people outside your house talking about how you are smoking and what they are going to do to get you in trouble!

    Sometimes you get so paranoid that you start imagining what you are most paranoid about
  15. I get this quiet often when I'm out walking or shit. I'll be like hearing a distinct conversation and when I start paying attention to it I'm like is this shit real. It always seems so far off that I can't make out what's actually being said. It could be all in my head or just some random ass noises.

  16. *sigh* smh...:rolleyes:
  17. The more blazed I get the more Interactive and "Loud" my conscience gets.

    I've forgot to turn for my house while skating home before. My 'conscience,' in a ghostly voice "turnnn turn back now," I was like WTF and looked around, I was way off course haha.
  18. troll.

    but if ur actually trippin out then just blast some dubstep and those noises will go away :smoke:

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