sound like a wake and bizzake plan?

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. SO tommorow i have off of work. i got my wake and bake alllllllll planned out.

    1.wake up around 4:20 am with a loaded bong.(i usually wake up that early)

    2. smoke and choke i got about 17 grams of a mixture of Kickin ass haze and dankky mids.

    3. wait till around 6-7 am and take a walk to the deli

    4. Buy a hungryman hero. aka the stoner delight. It is bacon ham egg cheese and sausage on foot long sub bread.

    5.walk home ,eat,and smoke some more!!:hello:

    what do you think?
  2. sounds marvelous. u should watch a zombie movie too.
  3. Sounds awesome, but i'd wake up at like 4:18 so u have time to get the crust outta ur eyes before 4:20 flies by

    What time do u go to bed?

  4. thats what i was wondering, to get up at 4:20am to smoke sounds fuckin crazy to me

    go see "holloweeen"! it comes out tomorrow, ill be at the noon showing, cant wait :hello:
  5. when i was a teen pot head id be down for crazy shit like puffin at 420 am and other things
    but i need all the sleep i can get nowadays
  6. i go to bed real early by most peoples standards around 9- 9:30

    i usually wake up at about 4:30 am for work because i live out in long island near the forks and i have to commute into new york city everyday.
  7. damn bro, thats insane, i couldnt imagine goin to bed so early, different strokes for different folks

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