Soulja Boy to play 2Pac in upcoming movie

Discussion in 'General' started by OGKushBlazer, May 13, 2011.

  1. Wow seriously? What a slap in the fuckin face, Juice is my favorite movie too, why they needa remake of it? And with Soulja Boy lol??
  2. this better be a fucking joke :smoke:
  3. The scene where he gets shot might be fun
  4. boycott the fuck outta this movie and give it shitty ratings.
  5. I really don't get why they'd choose him to play Pac though, there's so many better people out there haha.
  6. This just in: Arab to star as Big L
  7. Gotta protest that shit
  8. This is like Tyler Perry playing Malcolm X.
  9. LOL boycott time
  10. He won't get it because of the tattoos. He wouldn't anyways considering he looks NOTHING like Pac.
  11. What the fuck. This makes me want to break shit.

    I'm dead ass i'll break some shit, if this crap hits theaters i'm gonna do something rebelious and naughty.
  12. What a total slap in the face...
  13. WOW.

    I hope people everywhere boycott/protest that.
  14. fuck no
    fuck no
    fuck no
  15. I actually heard Soulja Boy's a pretty good actor.
  16. What the fuck...people are going to snap. Get clacked souja boy.
  17. pac just rolled in his grave

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