Soul Sister

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Azizi, May 16, 2010.

  1. Okay GC im gonna tell you guys a story from about a week ago that I find hilarious probably just because I was high when it happened but here it goes.

    So me and my friends just got done with a sesh not sure how much we smoked but we were both baked. So im drivin around I dont remember where I was going but its not important. So my friend and I see a cop as im driving were not really all that paranoid about cops he is more than I but okay. So we see the cop and the song on the radio was Hey, Soul Sister by Train. If any of you have heard this song its not really a song that you expect bastards like us to be listening to. So the songs on and we see the cop and my friend said something along the lines of this " You dont get pulled over listening to soul sister" " A cop wouldnt pull you over when your listening to soul sister" So he blares the song turns my shit all the way up I have a decent system to so its pounding and I rolled all the windows down and were just blarin soul sister it was so hilarious maybe just cause I was high and maybe you just had to be there to find it funny but yeah thats it....

  2. Sorry about the big block paragraph :p
  3. Nice, ofcourse a cop wouldn't pull over a car with two flamers in it.
  4. I think that was what he was trying to say so he just started blaring it was so funny :D
  5. what do you mean, its your post
  6. His friend.

    Haha good thing you didn't get pulled over for your music being too loud. Cops try to do that here.

  7. yea that's what i was thinking
  8. Cops arent worried about cars with loud music anymore they recently sent in the DIA (could be wrong on the acronym not completely sure what it is) and a TON of drug busts have been goin down theyve been cracking down hard and theres so many cops around it sucks :mad:
  9. u fail for listenin to soul sister:hello:

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