Soul Calibur 2

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  1. Well at my friends all we have is a gamecube, not that they arent awesome, and we play soul calibur all the time!

    Any sc fans here?
  2. It's actually the only SC game I've owned.. the best one in the series imo. Talim ftw.
  3. I love Soul Caliber, only played 1 and 2
  4. lol, I love Soul Caliber.

    I rock Voldo.

  5. Talim is also my favorite, but Voldo is a beast. Anytime my friends use voldo they pwn me but I suck with him
  6. SC1 is better than SC2 imo;there's more character balance. In SC2 everyone either plays Raphael or Link and uses the same basic tactics. Personally, I like to play Xianghua and Mitsurugi. Sadly the SC series continually went downhill from the beginning.:(
  7. My friends banished me from playing with Voldo. LOL
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    Ah yes, my boyfriend has an old pirated XBox with SCII in Japanese. Great entertainment, though I can beat anybody with Voldo, mwahaha.

    Ah me too! Now I've taken to Talim and Taki, I still kick major ass with them but I lose from time to time... whereas with Voldo I am undefeated!
  9. Mitsurugi wins!!!
  10. This. I am unstoppable with Mitsurugi and Xianghua. I used to play state and regional tourneys on occasion and am still undefeated with Xianghua, though I have lost one with Mitsurugi.(It happened to be an Asian guy that played Nightmare:eek:)

    The problem with fighting against Xianghua is that she has a ton of variation in the way she can throw together her combinations. Once mastered, she's about impossible to predict if she's hitting high, mid or low and manages to leave even the best of players wondering what to do next. Not to mention she's good at weaving in and out of range whenever she wants to.:D
  11. Awesome game

    i love the opening too

    [ame=]YouTube - Soul Calibur II Opening (PS2 Version)[/ame]

    IMO the best fighters are Nightmare and the pirate, i think his name is Cervantez
  12. I think if they never added Link or Raphael this game would have been much better. There's way too many noobs that pick up the controller, spam 2-3 moves and think they're the best thing ever. It's not as if they are impossible to counter, it just urks me.

    Maxi and Kilik are also way too easy to pick up, however, I've seen some pretty insane Maxi players at tourneys. Nightmare and Astaroth are pretty insane once you master them but I've never been too fond of being a big, slow target.

  13. Mitsurugi is surely overpowered..

    Link is just a lame character tbh..
  14. had to revive this thread..dont feel like making a new one :p

    i love soul calibur 2..i only got myself a ps2 last year (yes i know i'm behind the times lol), and i picked this up because i liked playing it at the arcade.

    my favorite characters would have to be xianghua and talim. i also like seung mina.

    my friend always kicks my ass..he plays necrid mostly, switching to voldo once in a while.

    i didnt much care for soul calibur 3..maybe because i havent played it as much.
  15. i own with Spawn
  16. Raphael Wins! "How boring"

    We used to spend hours with my brother playing, Tekken is awesome too... But I love better soul calibur! :wave:

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