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Sos Trying To Buy Mflb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by darthawesome, May 31, 2013.

  1. I'm a student and next semester I'm living with someone who hates the smell of weed and doesn't want me to smoke in my room. In order to accommodate him, I decided it was time to buy a vaporizer and after researching I decided on the Magic Flight Launch Box. 
    Here's the problem: I bought these Target Visa debit cards so that my parents wouldn't be suspicious of a large purchase on my debit card and the lady at Target said could be used anywhere, even online. When I tried to use them on the MFLB website, they wouldn't accept it. Then I tried eBay with no luck and finally PayPal through eBay with no luck. They're non returnable. 
    Does anyone know what I could do? I'm going to try looking in head shops in my hometown but it seems unlikely that they'll vapes especially the MFLB. I go to school in New York City, would it be best to wait and try to buy it there where head shops might have vapes? I'm really stuck):

  2. The first time I went into my local Headshop they had one with the other vaporizers. This place is a mom'n pop shop as well so I would not be suprised that if you found a nice shop that they would carry it.
  3. A lot of prepaid visa, mastercards, etc, aren't accepted online anymore. I remember I used to use them all the time until one day everything online declined them and even paypal wouldn't let me add them to my account anymore.
    If you haven't registered them online yet (should have a website on the back) you should do that. But if I remember correctly, it only asks for your zip code, which isn't enough info on the card for online retailers. You can use them at your local smoke shop without a problem, though.
  4. a lot of them now (at least the ones i get from the grocery store and walmart) have a web site where you can register the card to you and your address.  
    i always used to buy them when i didnt have a bank accnt and never had a problem with them.
    Being in NYC, there are lots and lots of head shops in the village! :D
    But if you have a car, there are two I would recommend checking out that are not terribly far from you.
    Liquid Glass in Nyack, NY
    Wonderland smoke shop in NJ on route 17 south near the white castle and sonic. It is literally right after the tacobell.
  6. I bought mine straight off the website with a walmart visa giftcard.  You have to buy the ones that allow you to select the amount you want. 

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