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Sorting out the Sour Diesels

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lennyjr358, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Ok guys,

    I'm currently on the hunt for a very specific cut. Growing up, my dad's buddy had this weed he called sour diesel that he was growing. He was pretty adamant that this was the "real deal" Sour D, clone only. It had a very particular smell and taste to it, and was by far the best weed I've ever smoked, even to this day. Yes, it was pungent and had that diesel/skunkiness to it that you'd expect and left a lingering sour taste on your lips and tongue, but it also had a certain orange/citrus taste to it. Doing research, it seems more likely that this was ECSD. Being that my state doesn't have rec. shops open yet, I don't really have access to both strains to test them out, but I would LOVE to get the one I tried back then in my lineup, so I want to be sure I'm looking for the right thing. Anyone with experience with both who can point me in the right direction? Also, if you know of any medical shops in MA with cuts of them, you'd be my hero.
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  2. Always stay away from shop cuts, but try Neptune seed bank. I bet you can find a ecsd variation

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  3. I'm not really looking for a variation. And unfortunately, ecsd is clone only, so I don't really have another option
  4. There's a stabilized variant out there. Ecsd backcrossed with ecsd. I know it's out there I used to have it.

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  5. If that is the case, that's awesome! I'll have to do some research, although a bx kind of scares me, especially with a strain known for it's hermie tendencies. Either way, am I correct in thinking that ecsd is the one with the citrus taste? I'm still so confused when it comes to the different diesels.
  6. The more pungent citrus taste yes, but also very very gassy. On of the greasiest strains I know. I have some diamonds of it right now. Amazing flavor and potency [​IMG]

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