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  1. I was picked up by a friend yesterday to chill and get weed, I told him I was saving to get weed from another guy and he said if I put in 5 he would pay me back during the week. After we couldn't get weed near us, he said if I put in 10 for gas and 20 for weed it would be my bag and we used his 5 to buy cigs for the dealer for 25 amount. We get there and for 25 I get maybe .4, .5 max that was half shake. It wasn't bad bud, but the bag was pathetic and only packed one and a half bowls. Idk why I didn't speak up at the time. We go around back to the dudes house to take geebs, and the guy who sold it to me wanted to take more geebs of the weed he just sold to me. The guy who took me there said if I smoke a herb with him he'd get me back with some of the weed he was gonna get for driving the dealers friend out to the house, I was like sure. When all is said and done he dropped me off not near my house saying his girlfriend was tired and his truck was fucking up. I asked for the weed and he said it's just two nick bags, and I don't feel like opening it, I'll hit you up tomorrow. I tried to get in contact with him twice today and haven't got an answer. Fuck! I knew I should have stopped fucking with his ghetto connects, if I had chose to wait a week I'd have an eighth of dank, now I sacrificed like 2 grams for a tiny bit of bud. :( it sucks to feel like a sucker, what should I do?
  2. Dont be such a sucker, sucker.
  3. It's time to man up. The world see you how you see you.. You feel like a sucker? Well they see you as a sucker. Better say something first and let him know that he needs to keep his word. Show him he is engaging amongst men and real men keep there word or get dealt with accordingly. If he blows you off them it's up to you as a man to determine how much shit your gonna take from someone. Have standards and never go below those standards. I have a "I'm telling you one time" standards. If I say watch my shoes or something like that and they still step on my shoes or something I'm throwing a punch.. I can't be viewed as a bitch. I worked to hard at being a man to let some other boy try and break my standards. Being a real man takes work.
  4. I never saw somebody that just lets someone rip them off on weed, then let them smoke some of that weed, then let them take the rest of it with them? New breed of sucker
  5. Yeah bro don't hang out with those guys anymore... It's better to not hang around people who will burn you when given the opportunity. You had a shitty experience, but lesson learned. You'd be a fool to fall for it again despite what happened (I'm hoping you won't). We all have situations like this at one time or another but it's important to learn from them, then at least they served some purpose.
    It's chump change, all is well, let's you know not to hang out with scumbags, and to depend on yourself. Good vibes. :smoke:
  6. Shit man, what were you playing at?

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  7. Dont chill with ppl like that.

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