{Sort of Weird} Questions for a guerrilla grow

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    *Back Story*

    Okay so I live in Florida, where it is probably the absolute worst state to grow cannabis(well, at least in my area). The dirt over here is literally sand;I am not exaggerating, this is a fact. The other main problem is tropical storms and hurricanes, along with heat waves going into the 30's. The first grow that I've done was about 4 weeks ago, where I had 2 healthy seedlings put on a 20 degree slope facing south-west. They got plenty of sunlight, but after about 4 days, my second plant got eaten to what I assume to be a grasshopper or an aphid. About 2 days later, my first plant died because a tropical storm hit us and for the entire day the seedling got no sunlight and got over watered way too much.

    Now I have 2 more seedlings, each being about 1.5 weeks old. My goal for them is to put them into the wild after the first week of the vegetative stage. I have them growing on my window sill at night but during the day time, I am growing them on the same slope like last time, but I got a gallon sized Ziploc bag and poked a few holes that aren't big enough for a bug to enter but enough to where at least some ventilation can happen. My first question is, does anybody know a better way to grow seedlings outdoors?. Another question of mine is what are some good organic pesticides?I've heard that a dish soap solution is good and I have also heard that "neem" works pretty well, but are there any others? I also have questions on when the best time to put them into the wild is, as well as fruits that contain phosphorus and potassium. *ALSO FIRST POST*

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