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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dopehead_680, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. ive grown pot before, however its always ended with males.

    after refining my techniques and reading this forum over and over again me an my boy have decided to try and self sustain ourselves, i have the experience he has the space. were looking at a two box system. one flower box 2'LX1'DX3'H with (4) 75w VHO (2-7500K 2-20,000K) and one veg box only 2'LX1'DX2'H with (2) 55W CFLS both 7500K

    the plan is to start from pre-germinated seed and allow to veg in the small box for about 2 or 3 weeks then into the flower box at 24/0. the VHOs are 100% height adjustable so we'll finish the veg in there as well as flower them under 12/12 when the times right. whilst flowering some clones will be snipped to start of the next harvest.

    my main question is we obviously are looking at SCROG due to the small confines of our space

    but ive heard of so many people simply cloning, vegging for a couple weeks and then flowering so realistically if this is our plan to keep a steady flow what is the min. pot size/ the max. # of plants we could do in this space.

    we only really want maybe 4 plants growing at anyone time (2 veg/2 flower) but if we have the space i'm sure we'll end up pencilin' in a few more. prob not into the flower box but the veg, very like 4 at one time take two flower put two clones in to veg having plants in three stages constantly being switched out(i.e. 2ndwk veg, 4thwk veg and a 6th week flower)

    any pointers/improvements on this?

    Really, ill be happy if someone says "this will work" but I'm almost positive i left something out or didn't think something out all the way. So that is why im asking the guru's for advice.

    Thanks :)

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