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Sorry just had to do it!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, yes my friends Spring is just around the corner and it had to be done.


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  2. you had to mow the yard?
  3. O I KNEW IT.....
    before it eveeen loaded
    just cant help yerself either eh boy?
    hmph! :rolleyes:
    i shall save myself and ya'll the embarasment of my melting snowbuddy..for he no longer has a head hat or arms.......
    *looksoutside* i think i see grass too.

    well i hope ya build yer self
    up some nice muscles pushin that mower starting in mARCH!

  4. I still can't see the ground's still snow and ice :p
  5. We're in store for 8"-12" of snow tonight..:(
    I would like to just go for a walk in the morning and smoke a joint. or be fishin and smokin sounds so good right now :smoke:
  6. yepyep..I cant wait for spring, even if I gotta mow the grass ;)
  7. yeah, we're suppose to get 6-10 here in michigan, i'm prayin for a snowday
  8. yep, we ae expecting 5-8, it should be starting any time now
  9. yes good weather time is here , nice and warm and sunny with not a cloud in site. I love this time of yr , nothing beats smokin on the beaches during summer time or just kickin back at the park playin ball gettin a tan.
  10. I'll be next. I'm going to mow the grass this week end..

    I feel spring around the corner!
  11. I can't wait to start mowing! The smell of fresh cut grass! Mmmm!!! The sooner Spring gets here...the closer to Summer it is!!!
  12. I hate mowin the damn grass unless its a riding one and im high.. :smoke:
  13. i wish i had some grass to harvest... heck even some seeds to plant would be good.
  14. gotta luv the smell of freshly cut GRASS in the

    I know I do
    anytime actually :p
  15. Well at least we had a snow day, and i may be able to call in work :) ... 8 inches overnight...
  16. I wish we had some snow here.
    I think We've had snow for 1 day and only a little bit.
    It was freezing very much.
    That doesn't matter me if it snows. But cold and no snow is like rolling paper and no bud.
    Well, summer is better anyways :}
  17. The grass in my yard is at least 8" high, but with all this rain and gloomy clouds I can't get the tractor out without rutting the yard up.
  18. HIGH All yup I'd figure BPP had a rideon. Nothing like cut grass (lawn) for the first time of the year.

    Shit HIGHa I got to keep teaseing have to see this Island and if this is the only way...then so be it *LOL*.
  19. i know, i after all i asked for it.
    were having yet another snow/ice day=one kid having a video game day= 1 kid cutting paper scaps everywhere=tiny curley haired monkey off my back for a day.

    ona bad bote looks likes someone stacked alllthe firewood and held the tarp real good expecting the wind and rain from the north. the south sides kinda gettin wet. figures

    an yep it definately looked like it needed a nice good cut :p


  20. Man I am the grass cutting champion of three counties. I got a push, rideon, tractor, plus other fun toys

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