Sorry I've been gone for awhile. But now I am back!

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    So I took some time off of this forum in order to focus on some other things. I have changed around my room and are trying new things. This is what I am currently working with:
    Lights- 4 XXXL Magnums (1x6", 3x8")
    Ballasts- 1x1000 watt galaxy, 2x1000 watt Sun Leaves magnetic, 1x1000 watt cheap Valuline magnetic
    Bulb- 1000 watt HPS Hortilux
    Medium- General Hydroponics Pro Grower (10 buckets)
    Nutrients- House & Garden
    CO2- 20lb tank with regulator
    PH control- BlueLab Guardian, along with BlueLab PPM and PH pens
    Fans- 2x wall mount AirKings (16") 1x wall mount SunLeaves (18") 3x 6" inline fans.
    Odor Control- 1x Can Filter 66
    Temperature Control- 1x 14000 BTU Active Air AC unit.
    Room Size- 16'9"x7'x7'
    Strains- White Widow and Durban Poison

    Not sure if the ladies I have in there now are going to be mothers, or grow out fully. Might need them for clones to fill up some tables.

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