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sorry guys

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by cs_shoota, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. latley i have been doing good, not depressed anymore, actualy have a job, life seems good, and best of all i got the city, i love it here.. but the fast few weeks have been getting more and more hectic.. so many things going through my mind, working all the time, and friends, gotta stay in touch with them, it seems im having less and less time for the city.....IT SUX!!! this place is great and im promising to find more time for it....uugghhh
  2. sounds like your doing good!! we'll always be here :)
  3. i got to get a job and friends
  4. Zonedude: I love you man, but all your posts are freakin' long, i can never finish them, lol.

    ps.. shoota, i hope that you get through whatever it is you're going through. you only get one life.
  5. "the City definitely has a way of making most of us feel wanted"

    Like a gang! Pass me the AR-15 yo let's go pop some yahookans.. Teehee.
    I got the title to my van just yesterday from my father, so now I just have to get insurance, which I will probably do today, then I HAVE to find a job by the end of next week.
    I need a job, screw friends. :D
    I've been avoiding getting a cashier job like it were the plague, but it's looking like I can't find anything.. I might just have to do it. It's not a bad job or anything, but I really don't want to handle people's money or have to deal with customer's like that, and I want something I will at least kind of sort of want to be doing a year, maybe 2 from now. (so I don't have to quit smoking whenever I get fired or quit and wait some months to get another job)..
  6. hey, cashier jobs arent that bad, shit you can just chill out the all the time, until people come to your cash register....
  7. i work at a pizza place.. and dont have a careatin job there so im like everything but the manager.. so i dont have to deal with peples shit :D but its not too bad.. i guess, o ya.. thatks a lot guys!!! i know your always goinbg to be here for me, and i will always try to be here for you, if ya ever need anything just put it up here or im me at csshoota

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