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  1. I have a quick question. I've looked at past threads and such about vics, and I know most of what I need, no other depressants, be careful with apap (might do a cwe), but I could never get a good answer pertaining to me. See, I'm, well, a small person, like, skinny ya know? Around 125 lbs. Actually kind of embarrassing, but oh well, I've learned to accept it. All I wanted to know is, would 15mg be good for my first time? I don't wanna nod, I just wanna good, happy feeling, with warmth, ya know? Just nice and chill. And is the time release on these defeated by just breaking them in half? Or do they need to be crushed like Oxies? Thanks for any answers :)
  2. 15 might be a bit much for your first time. you can always put more in you, but you can't take any out...
  3. i'd say 15mgs is prefect. im also a small guy. 15 is just fine. some say 20mgs is a good start but you will definitely be nodding then.

    15 sounds about right.
  4. How come I think 15mg's is low. I am 170 lbs. and have a weak tolerance to opiates. I took three 5mg vics last night and barely felt them. :confused_2:
  5. take two at once, and then the third like a half hour later

    or all at once

    shit i dont really care all i wanted to say was make sure to chief some greens, thats my favorite part about any opies, the synergy they have with maryjane :smoking:

  6. listen to this guy

    10 would be the best, 15 if u feel lucky

    and yeah, just break the pill in half

    always worked for me
  7. I'll just stick with 10 to start off then, it'll be a good time, and I'll smoke when I feel it starting to wear off to drag it out a little more, should be a good time :) And thanks for the advice everyone!

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