Sorry Everyone !!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. I was just reading my posts from yesterday, I'm sorry its just I was pissed of that day + I was stoned so that didn't help. I'd like to say sorry to cowboysaxman and eome for giving them endless shit last night, its a good thing that my mod status has been taking away from me for the moment. You all must understand that times are hard at the moment and I can only do my best to keep calm. BudHead what I said about your joke not been funny I was been sarcastic please do not take it the wrong way cuz your a cool guy man. I know I have been a ass over the last few weeks I'm not normally like this but like I said times are hard. And Sj I'm sorry for getting pissed off at you as well yesterday. If you could all just forget about this and move on it would mean allot to me, I don't wanna lose good friends like you guys !!!! :)

    Peace To All !!!!!

  2. Mickey T I don't have anything against ya. If you are pissed off the best thing to do is not come here and piss every one else off. I took what you said as sarcasm but some others didn't.

    We all have the right to post things in the bounderies of this board.

    All of the people on this board should try not to offend others. I for one think trouble makers should be banned once and for all. If we all try to help and lift spirits, then we will show the world how marijuanna lightens the mood instead of making us agressive.

    Make peace not war!
  3. Ahh forget about errm... uh... what were we talking about again?
  4. Hey this sounds interesting guys :)so what can i do to you again amnita ??? :)

    Peace makes the world go round :) <--- I'm trying my best lol
    Mickey.T ;)
  5. HIGH Mickey......fellow Blade and new friend!! As you told me yesterday, no need to apologize, let's just get on the right track!!
    I understand the urge to lash out, when times are bad!! Anytime ya need to "rage", feel free to PM me and "let it all out", and I'll be a non-judgemental ear for you!!
    As Bud Head said, we need to unite, not bicker amongest ourselves, and I am truly sorry for not responding more maturely!!
    All of us here are so very fortunate that SJ and his HARD working staff provide this "CITY" for us!!! Full of "Teachers", supporters, advisors, and most importantly of all....FRIENDS!! PEACE to all Blades, Welcome to all future Blades!! :smoke: :hippie:
  6. Well said m8, you are right SJ IS GOD !! in the city, and what a fine job he and his moderaters do, as i know how hard it is myself to keep the old trap shut from time to time :)

    Peace !

  7. Well stated.....I'd have to agree...


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