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Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 20, 2011.

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    Of course you hear nothing about it, because the only biased media that matters is Fox. This guy is dumping millions in to all the typical left wing media networks and nobody is saying a thing about it (with the exception of the one right leaning news outlet).

    Why Is Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations? -
    Doesnt this pretty much prove that the media is nothing more than a political propaganda machine for Democrats? It really puts the disproportionate outrage directed towards Fox in to context huh? Look at all the time Jon Stewart spends trashing Fox, yet he says almost nothing about all these networks that take million for George Soros. He's just another shill.

  2. Do you care to rephrase that?

  3. Yes, you hear about it from me and Fox. Not from any of the major news networks, papers or political "comedy" shows that have such a strong influence on the nation's young people.

  4. ... I already know you're not going to like this response, but please refrain from just saying I'm too indocrinated to understand.

    Isn't FOX the MOST major news network there is?

    And it's in papers. And Political comedy shows.
  5. You know that because you know its bullshit before you even post it.

    No, Fox is attacked by people in the government as "not real news" and just about everywhere you look. The other news network enjoy the perception that they're the "real" news and enjoy almost zero criticism. Especially from the groups that criticize Fox.

    You're not going to see the sort of outrage about this that we see daily for whatever Fox has said or done.

    No, it isn't. You're telling me that the NYT is reporting that they're taking million from George Soros? Jon Stewart and Colbert are attacking all the media that takes this money, including the publicly funded NPR? I think not.
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    Just because the people who are FOX's opponents, idealogically and financially say some shit about FOX doesn't make it true.

    No probably not. But instead of seeing that as some sort of massive media conspiracy, I see it as businesses trying to pick away at the opponent's profit base as well as pandering to their heavy investors. The more they can try to attack FOX personally the more they can try to attract an audience, even from FOX viewers, and close the overwhelming ratings gap. The one that clearly makes FOX the number one media outlet.

    And might I add, all of it is shitty. All the "controversies" about or involving FOX are retarded, manufactured bullshit and usually not half as concerning as this one, as concerning as it may or may not be. Makes me sick most of the time what people try to pass off as news.

    No they're not, but you're the one pretending "liberals" are the only ones that count when you're trying to make a "conservative" point. What about Rush or Beck?
  7. What about them? They're regularly and WIDELY trashed in the MSM. Its very main stream to attack those guys. Not so much when it comes to the "reporters" at NPR, CBS or ABC.

    I'm not trying to make any "conservative" points either. I'm not conservative.
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    Again, just because an opponent is spouting off a bunch of retarded shit doesn't make any of it true. You're acting like they're trashing eliminates them from being a part of the Media or something crazy like that. I don't understand the logic.

    They pull in more listeners than Colbert and Stewart do viewers! Their opinion obviously is being heard and it obviously does matter to a lot of people.

    Mainstream or not, their attacks are meaningless, pointless, irrelevant and only matter to their base and of course the "right" who play the victim card acting like they just took an unprovoked beating from a cage fighter to manufacture some outrage and even more ratings.
  9. yes..

    but, people who watch these news stations expect to hear the truth.. and usually take what they say as truth... even when it is bullshit.
  10. It's all bullshit. These organizations claim to be news but all they do is spew some manufactured bullshit about each other, and then play the victim to manufacture some more bullshit about each other.
  11. I wonder how much Murdoch pours into his systems...Oh wait, you won't hear about it here.
  12. Murdoch owns the companies.. of course he's going to invest in them.

    drone isn't complaining about the owner of GE investing in NBC..

    he's talking about Soros.
  13. I know both of these are riddled with bullshit, but put on you waders because there are very good points in these two articles:

    News Corpse » Shameless Right-Wing Hypocrisy On Media Funding:

    News Corpse » Fox News’ George Soros Conspiracy Continues To Crumble:

    BTW, My favorite bullshit line from the first one is this laughable piece

    Totally transparent, LOL!
  14. What's wrong with this, again?

    The dude is a very outspoken liberal philanthropist. :confused_2:

    By your logic if, Fox News wants to take money from other big business 'shills' that push for a conservative Utopian in this country, then for another progressive 'shill' to do the same with NPR, or whoever, is perfectly logical.
  15. Western society ftw.
    Divide & conquer.
  16. NPR doesnt think taking the money affects their objectivity, even though they refuse to do any kind of investigative journalism on George Soros. Remember, NPR also gets tax payer money.

    NPR Executives Don't Care If Accepting George Soros Money Deepens Their Liberal Image |
    Oh yeah, COMPLETELY independent. Which is why your network consists of nothing but left wing liberals, since you fired the only pseudo right winger on your network. The completely independent network that takes money from left wing attack dogs and regularly partake in the promotion of Democrat policies.

  17. This story brought to you by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...
  18. Fox gets tax payer funds in order to operate? In fact, what the fuck does this have to do with Fox? This is about the MSM getting millions of dollars from left wing attack dogs who's goals revolve around getting Democrats elected and destroying Republicans.
  19. yeah..

    should have nothing to do w/ Murdoch and FOX

    if Murdoch wants to pour money into his own private company.. then that's his choice.

    same goes for whoever owns GE/NBC
  20. We're talking about NPR....................... You know, the network that gets tax payer money to function and claims its not a mouth piece for the left?

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