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Sore Throat... Smoke? *Advice*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pastscreaming, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey folks,

    New to the forum here but been lurking for a while. Bascially, here is my situation:

    Have a bad sore throat. Felt very sick yesterday but have been taking a mixture of tylenol and aleve and feel good now yet i still have this very bad sore throat. My tonsils are huge and swollen and very red and it is very difficult to swallow. It doesn't hurt to cough (i tried clearing my throat). This came like a day after i ripped a decent size bowl of fresh chop.

    Questions are:

    1. Is there a relation between my smoking and the sore throat? Could there be something wrong with the weed I smoked? I've smoked before and sometimes get a minor irritation but never this bad before
    2. Will smoking help or hurt me? I've been spraying my throat with those freezing sprays but they work for maybe a few minutes before their effects wear off. I need some relief. I can't go to the doctors until later today.

    If anyone can help that would be great. Have a good day.
  2. Well I had this same thing happen to me over the summer. I smoked like 8 grams of fire mids and woke up the next morning with the worse sore throat. I toughed it out for like two weeks then it got to the point were I coudn't take it any more. I went to the Dr and they tested me for MONO and of course I came up positive within a second so that means I had it for more than 14 days without knowing. The Dr prescribed me with Anti-Biotics so the infection would go away .. and thats the only way you can treat the pain, by killing the bacteria in your throat.

    What I did even though my throat was at the worse pain its ever felt, I made a home-made bong so when I smoked it didn't burn or irritate my throat. Getting stoned helped me so much through the whole process because I just smoked and that kept me sleepy all day. ( I didn't have to deal with the pain as much :D )
  3. I've gotten sore throats from smoking before but only after I smoke a lot of both weed and cigs the night before. You think maybe you are getting sick?

    As for smoke helping you feel better, I think it would just irritate your throat, I find that weed smoke irritates my throat or lungs anytime I'm sick at all. Once you are high though you would probably feel a lot better. :D
  4. If you have to, use a vape or bong(with ice preferably), if you have one. Otherwise i wouldnt touch a bowl or joint/blunt. The hot smoke will definitely make it worse.
  5. Sore throats happen. Too much hot smoke can definitely make your throat raw, lol.

    Gargle salt water, drink tea with honey, and cut back on the tokage a bit.
  6. As it turns out, went to the doctor and got a prescription for 500mg amoxicillin. Feeling better now, may smoke later if I feel even better. I have a homemade bong that ill toss some ice in. I did a bunch of google searching which led me to various sites saying that me smoking will have no effect on the amoxicilin and my recovery and I will be healthy in the same amount of time whether I smoke or not.

    Does that sound accurate? Is it possible to re-infect my throat with the weed if maybe it was through it I got sick in the first place? Although I am not sure, I did mention earlier that my sore throat came a day after ripping a bowl of new chop so I can't honestly rule out the weed didn't have something to do with it.

    Advice? Thanks again for the help guys this site is great.
  7. i highly doubt that the smoke caused your sore throat.. you were probably just already sick and the smoke just irritated it more. i would suggest getting a bubbler or somethin man, you'd be amazed at how smoothly a water pipe hits compared to a regular bowl/joint.

  8. I cant imagine the weed got you sick. Even if the weed had infectious agents on it, the burning would probably have destroyed it. Idk I could be wrong.
  9. Yeah in logic that seems correct but I am relativley new to all of this so I just wanted to see if it was possible. So, I am feeling better, almost on hour 20 since I first took the amox and my sore throat has subsided enough to a managable level. Short of drying out my mouth which could irritate my throat, do you think it's ok to smoke? Just using a powerade bottle and a bill but I'd put ice in it as well to make it as easy on everything as possible.
  10. Weed does not make people catch cold. Bacteria or viruses do.

    Try smoking and see how it feels. The smoke might irritate your throat as some have said. See if you feel better after you have smoked and weigh the two experiences to see if you'll do it again or not. It's your body - only you can decide.

    Hope you feel better soon,

  11. Thanks Sammy, this is exactly what i did. I figured I'd need to try it at least once so ill know. I'd say it made my sore throat slightly worse, but as soon as the high set in it was worth it. You have to hyrdrate much more because of cotton mouth. I also have been gargling with salt, but I have a second question about that:

    I was gargling and sometimes it would run a little down the back of my throat and it would activate my gag reflex and i would cough hard. But twice (two different times today) I coughed up a pretty small amount and pretty sticky looking piece of bloody phlegm. Is that related to me smoking? Or is that when I was gargling? Or a side-effect of the amox? I've only been smoking 6 months (gatorade bottle bongs) but I am now very very very extremley worried about like some sort of lung disease or something I am freaking out. There is no way I could get something like that in 6 months? Right?

    I am seriously scared...:(:(:(
  12. Get a vaporizer :)
  13. I did have a bloody nose last night so some of it may have gone down and im coughing up the extra blood in the mucus, but still I am very very worried.
  14. sorry for bumping but i am really really worried ive done something wrong. can anyone help?
  15. See a doctor.

    EDIT: I'm not being trite. If you are concerned, and you seem to be, you should be asking a doctor, not a bunch of random anonymous stoners.
  16. Yeah if you use a spoon regularly or smoke joints regularly and you aren't really used to it then it could irritate your throat. I recommend a vape or bong with some ice and cool water.
  17. when we had a week off of school for the snow, we had like 2 ft lol it was crazy, i was sick and my throat hurt pretty bad and i sat at home and ripped my bowl all day every day that week and played cod lol. after i smoked my throat felt fine

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