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sore throat remedies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by watermelon, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. from time to time all heavy smokers suffer from a tickly/sore throat, its all part of the game though unfortunatly.

    do you guys drink anything speacial or take any thing to help relieve your throat?
  2. more weed always helps

    but seriously cherry chlorosceptic sprsy is great for me
  3. I tried that chlorosceptic spray once and ended up throwing up for about 30 minutes. I just don't like how numb it makes your throat, just feels odd.

    I always drink hot tea with lemon when my throat starts to bother me, it always seems to work.
  4. Orange juice warmed up in the microwave is what I use.
  5. Vitamin C, Cold Beverages (or hot), sore throat spray, DXM (yes it has a non-recreational use), some buds :D
  6. the SORE throat SPRAY is perfect, i use that sometimes when me and my friends want to take huge hits
  7. Check out the Sig.
  8. that sucks man ive been blazing nearly everyday for 3 1/2 years and have yet to get a sore throat/sick for that matter
  9. i think some people are just more susceptable to it.

    i get it from time to time. itl go away eventially, but its guarenteed to come back for a while.

    i find hot drinks help. like tea, coffee, or hot choclate. a good shot of milk doesnt do any harm either.
  10. Advil will take the inflamation down. you can take relatively large doses with no drawbacks. 1000mgs is what i take. Then a tea with honey w/ lemon will keep you from haking while lay an ice pack over your throat.
    You might try a disolved asprin is a teaspoon of water, or gargle warm salt water. Both of which I cant stand, but they do the trick;) . Hope you feel better, I'm having the same problem now. Thats why I built the "CLOUDMAKER 6000",lol, but the frozen mist it creates really feels great! its in my sig. check it out! Peace, T.bug
  11. lemon juce with honey warmed in mic. works like magic
  12. i only get a sore throat after a long tolerance break
  13. sleep with slices of potatoes in your socks. it'll suck all the pathogens out of you. it's an old ass family'll work with anything. it works wonders getting a fever down.
  14. for me its normally when i smoke excessivly and smoke fags,blunts,cigars,and bongs on top of the normal joints when im already a bit ill. then ill have a bit of tickly throat for a couple of days. completely my own fault and very unhealthy, but whatever.

    i only go crazy and do all that shit if its a party or some kind of special occasion, the rest of the time im alright.
  15. Dude, go to your local Arby's and get a large Jamocha shake. It will do the trick. I've had fuckin tonsilittis or something for the past week. I diagnosed myself scince I got no money for a doctor, but that shake is the best damn thing in the world.
  16. Sobe Green Tea. After a session, this sweet nectary drink is so delicious.
  17. I have been smoking non stop since friday night only stoppin a few hrs ago and my throat is fucked..:smoke:
    i find a nice warm drink helps

    put about 1/4 of milk into a mug
    add 1 coffee and 2 sugar
    stir it
    now add boiling water and stir

    drink :)

    absolutely gorgeous cures my sore throat every time:hello:

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