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Sore stomach repeatedly

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justweed, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. So I repeatedly keep getting a sick stomach every morning after smoking the night before.
    Normally every night I smoke a bowl or two, hang out and watch a movie, listen to some music, and basically just hang out and relax. It's a very nice time for myself.
    However, every morning I wake up and my stomach hurts like hell. I basically just get a really sore stomach. Does anyone else get this the morning after they smoked? Reasons? Advice? Thanks.
  2. I know this is ridiculous and you've probably already considered it... but what do you eat?
  3. i felt it once. but because i ate at least 5 burritos and 3 tacos the night before :smoking:
  4. I've tried eating several things to try and avoid this, ranging from fruit to fast food. Fast food does make it hurt a bit more then usual, but the fruit never really helps either....

  5. too much greasy meat (yea tacos n burritos) lol
    your stomach doesnt do so good with greasy meat (most people
    have that problem too) probably using the bathroom alot
    if not shittin diarrhea out, you got heartburn, upset stomach
    and burping pains.

    take pepto
    and stop eating greasy foods.
  6. Except that's not me that's that kid....and I think he knows his stomach was gonna hurt after eating it.
  7. Are you mixing tobacco with your weed? That always make me sick.
  8. are you on any meds?
  9. You may be experiencing heartburn. it's most common to occur at night, but if you're always high when you're going to bed you may not notice it until the high wears off, but you're asleep so in the morning you feel it. Just a possibility.
  10. You might be accidentally swallowing a lot of smoke. I'm not sure if that would really bother your stomach or not, but who knows. Try taking smaller hits if you think that's a possibility.
  11. You're simply getting heartburn. Definitely stay away from the nasty fast food tacos, and simply watch how much you eat when you're stoned. You'll be just as sick if you ate a ridiculous amount of healthy fruit. Maybe get some Tums.
  12. Nope.


    Never heard of fruit giving heartburn....oh well, I'll try not eating while I'm high for a while, see how it works out. Or maybe I'll try not smoking before I go to bed that'll help :D
  13. try drinking some water or milk when hi. just a guess, but maybe your stomach is hurting due to acid buildup, as when you have cottonmouth you are not producing saliva to dilute the HCl in the stomach. plus smoking anything ups the acid production.
  14. Thanks I'll try drinking more regularly. +rep.

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