Sopranos Bong

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  1. For anyone who watched the Sopranos (epic show), Chris Moltisanti had a bong in the episode Proshai, Livushka. It looks acrylic, it was green, and it had a brass knuckles type handle. Where could one find a bong like that?
  2. I guess I remember Sopranos all to well but your talkin about when he smoked with furio and adrianna. Idk if you can find on like that other than that black leaf with grip holes
  3. I remember that episode. Good episode. Good show.

    That being said, acrylic bongs suck.

    btw weren't they doing coke too? haha crazy show man
  4. Yup, they wanted to be high at the funeral haha.

    Yeah, I was just looking to see if there was anything like it available. It was just something I've never seen before. Anybody will tell you glass is the best.

    And yes, they were also snorting coke haha.

    I also remember not liking the way he hit the bong.

  5. people always look like newb smokers in tv/movies lol.

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