SOPA: the end of the Internet as we know it.

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    Stop Online Piracy Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The stop online piracy act will erect a giant firewall around the united states, which will allow copyright holders to block any site that violates copyright laws without the oversight of a court of law. For those of you outside of the U.S, keep in mind that as soon as this passes, it will spread like wildfire from country to country.
    Stop SOPA before it is too late!
    American Censorship Day November 16 - Join the fight to stop SOPA
  2. Thats fucking stupid.
    Shame on america's rich folk
  3. The bill won't pass, the internet is still in a sort of wild west way of life right now. Eventually they will find a way to put a stop to this quietly, but it will take a number of years and will happen very slowly over time. I remember being 12 and arguing with people about this very same issue eight years ago. They still haven't been able to put a realistic dent in copyright infringement on the internet. I still get my shit fo free *****aa!
  4. Is it time yet?


  5. Read the bill.
  6. Imma sign it. Everyone should look into using Tor, and possible Socks5 (for torrenting it may be faster)

  7. Offshore DNS server would be faster.
  8. If you're going to spend money why not just get a VPN or build your own
  9. Just having a giant firewall won't stop it. Actually, I see this crippling most internet traffic as they would have to whitelist/blacklist entire blocks of IP Addresses. The micromanagement just wouldn't be possible.

    Without a class on IP Addresses it's very hard to explain why it just doesn't work that way.

    Not to mention that a lot of people for bit torrent and file sharing are techies. I'd be willing to bet that most of the people they employ would turn right back around and release the software to defeat it.

    Just another great example of how anarchy defeats consolidated power. :hello:
  10. Yea, I'm not sure the sponsors of this bill understand networking too well. We already have a laundry list of statutes in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which allow copyright holders to report sites and have them seized by the FCC.

    The problem is, the internet is unmanageable. As soon as one torrent site gets its domain seized, another goes up with the exact same content. They also have private sites, only $10/month to use, and virtually undetectable by copyright holders. All the trackers are linked back to China, Russia and other Asian countries that don't give a shit about US copyright laws.

    So yea...don't see it happening.
  11. It allows them to immediately block any domain name, this means that the average person won't be able to access any site with copyrighted content.

  12. This is pretty much the case now, except the process takes a little longer. The problem is, how do you find the sites with copyrighted content? Anyone can set up a website, give the files inconspicuous names and have the data uploaded on foreign servers. Take it a step further, webmasters can encrypt the entire site with a username & pw and charge per account.

    Legislation can never control something as large as the internet, it can only limit supply and create more opportunities for illegal profit.

    Pretty much the same thing as the drug war...

  13. Sites like youtube, tumblr, and reddit will all be blocked, and this allows them to do it instantly, without the oversight of a court of law.
  14. [quote name='"qwerty man"']Yea, I'm not sure the sponsors of this bill understand networking too well.

    As soon as one torrent site gets its domain seized, another goes up with the exact same content.

    So yea...don't see it happening.[/quote]

  15. Do not use Tor to torrent and if you're using an offshore SOCKS proxy, you should be able to utilize it for DNS requests as well.
  16. Only if you want to be instantly put on some sort of child pornography watch list and have your activity monitored.

  17. Lolwut? Can you elaborate?
  18. I always assumed that given the painful speeds on ToR it was pragmatically little more than a way for people to spread child pornography. I thought it was well known for it too, I could be wrong though, lol.

  19. Tor is a tool for anonymity, and you are very ignorant.

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