Soothsayer Appreciation

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  1. Wow, did that song just last five hours? Because I am pretty sure it did. Right then I was in a world where the rules of time and space didn't apply to me. I just was, an entity in the blurry distance unforeseeable by time itself. Events and thoughts racing through my mind, lightning shocking every nerve, the ode of devotion doesn't match the song of the ocean. Nothing can stop this, not even divine intervention. Listening to Soothsayer, after four bowls of The Holy Granddaddy Purple puts me on top of a world, a world not even comparable to the astral planes we hold so dear called the earth the sun and the moon.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Buckethead - Soothsayer[/ame]

    Listen, Love. Share.

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    Soothsayer is in my top ten songs of all time and is such an amazing song. If Buckethead is touring near you now make sure you go see him because I don't know how much longer he will play this song live. I've learned the first half so far on guitar and am working on the solo now. Great song and Great thread:hello:

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