SOooooooo lucky

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Spaceman Spliff, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Yeah so yesterday I smoke a bowl in my car, put my shit in my pocket and my headphones. Anyway so I hang out in this little empty park I hang out in (the coolest place ever, no one's ever there and there's a creek and grass and a hammok and ducks and.... good stuff)

    Anyway on my walk back to my car what should I come across but my weed, lying on the sidewalk, where anyone could have picked it up. It sat there for like an hour without anyone seeing it. And once again a catastrophe is avoided.
  2. Stoner!
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  3. Yes I agree you are a pothead. =)

  4. Well that's fortunate
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  5. Stop resurrecting ancient threads.
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  6. This thread is like fuckin Sumerian in gc history
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  7. Fucking kids. Can't wait until they go back to school
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  8. I kind of wish it was 2002.
    To be a fresh faced young man again.

    Oh, to reminisce.
  9. lmao I feel like the date stamp should be in bold!!
  10. Did Leonidas just kick it by the well?


    since we be time traveling and all...
  11. Lols these threads need loving too
  12. Is it against the rules?
  13. What makes you think you're any older than me? Is it inconceivable that an adult could comment on an old ass thread? For someone who wants to be sneaky, you sure don't seem very clever
  14. LOL get over yourself, Sport.
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  15. I could say the same thing to you
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Dude, whatever your problem with me is, I honestly don't care about it. There's an IGNORE option where you never have to see another post from me again. Either use it or don't, but your bullshit is silly.
  18. ??? I don't have a problem with you lol. You came in here being rude to me so I said something back. Wtf
  19. Only if the thread contains "Other Drug" information.
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