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Sooooooo I hit the vape today for the first time.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Doughboy04, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Just to set the record straight, the Buddha is not made in USA/California. The company, 7th floor is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but............the Buddha is assembled in China.
  2. damn lol smoking at a barber shop?

    thats pretty crazy

    I gotta go to your barber lol

  3. same here. still waitin for somebody i know to get one.
  4. yea one of my boys has a volcano vape. its pretty cool, u conserve a shit load of weed but we usually just smoke the normal amount to get even higher, lol. if u all of a sudden have money to blow, i would recommend buying a vaprizer of some kind or just get the volcano. although they are steep in price, $150-$600 ive heard, they pay for themselves. me and my friends need a about a .3-.5(each) to get a good high. when using the volcano we can use a .5 and get 4-5 people fairly high. imagine saving that kind of money? if u smoke the vape on your own u cud put very little and get high on your own.

    Downside: initial price, other than that nothing comes to mind.

    P.S. relax and take notes while i take tokes off the marijuana smoke.-Notorius
  5. :D
    I stand corrected. I bought it through ebay. The seller must be in Cali. :D

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