Soooooo To Many Nuts Or To Much Heat

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  1. So I'm in my 8th week of flowering
    Last night I noticed on my Ogkush a lot of the leads curved downwards and a few had yellow spots one of the fans leafs actually was 65% yellow with little brown in it
    I've been feeding bio-bloom and big bud
    This whole time my plants have never turned this way

    My tent did get 85' last night
    I turned down my lumen meter for today at 50% of a 600 wats HPS light

    Ill post a picture when I get home
    But any thoughts?
  2. so here is the pics

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  3. What is your PH?
  4. just checked it, its at 6.4
  5. Soil or hydro?
  6. Your issue is Ca and Mg, with Ca being expressed a bit more... your run-off ph should be corrected to at least 6.5 to no higher than 6.8 and symptoms will improve but damage to leaves will remain.
  7. I'm going to check it again today and see how its doing
  8. So last night I checked out my lady again
    Looks like more leads are getting worse

    I decided to flush nuts out

    So I'm suppose to feed today again

    Should I just feed it water or should I go back to nuts?
  9. Once flushed only add nutes at 50% manufacturers recommended dosage. Be sure to correct ph.

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