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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Any razorbacks here got any nuts to wager against the mighty crimson pachyderms????

    We done beat the dirt eaters out on the high lonesome plain earlier, and now were ready for some good ole pork BBQ!

    Same stakes as with the Okie, the line is the one posted by the US Today, loser wears the avatar picked by the winner until the losers team wins their next game straight -up.
  2. play what lol!

  3. Ball, my good lady Ball!!! What else do red and hot blooded American men think about in the fall besides shooting poor defenseless deer and birds.

    In truth, I don't care much for sports unless I'm playing. I think that if men play it and others gamble on it, its fixed.
  4. ooohhh of course ball! wish i could play now.
  5. Your gonna lose, your gonna lose, you stink, nananananana ;)
  6. i completely and totally accept....and i wont be all skurred like smoky :D
  7. I* need more info. who's playing with who and whats the point spread???
  8. Yeah, a little bit of info would interested

    How do you not know who's playing, people????????

    (...I've been hanging my head with shame since my VOLS fucked their fans over on Saturday so I'm keeping my mouth shut for the most part...the VOLS play Arkansas on the 5th and Alabama on the on the 26th of October...but I really don't like Alabama and this will be the last time we play the Razorbacks for a I think I'm on Norm's side this time...)

    So, Normsy Poo, I hope the Razorbacks beat the hell out of Alabama so you won't have to sport some jacked-up avatar that you know Poppa will pick out for you!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. At least Norm won't cry like a baby when he loses like a certain unnamed sooner.

    But there's a snag. No official line on the game. Bama's quarterback is out and we won't know until game time if he's going to play. The bookies in Vegas have taken the game off the board so No line.

    So it will be an old fashioned no line, straight-up, winner take all bet if that's OK. I am probably giving up points since R-Kansas is 27-1 at home under your Coach Nutter-Butter.

    And RMJL here's a Bama cheer for you

    "Nothing Sucks like a Big Orange"
  11. fine by me BPP...and now im psyched cuz its gonna be on espn, they moved kickoff to 645 so it could be televised..

    hahaha....unnamed sooner...hahah...we ALL know who it is :p
  13. I'll let ya slide then, sweet sweet Bud Head!!!! ;)

  14. Thank ya honey! I appreciate that!
  15. Norm I hate to do this to you but I'll be on the road next week and when I win, I won't be here to give you your avatar. So I'll find one today and goahead and give it to you now.
  16. hahahahaha...when i checked the email and opened up this message, the second page came up..and all i saw was the "heres your avatar" thing..and i was like..whoa...what a cocky sonofabitch :p...but anyway, i look for it to be a good game..and, good luck BPP :)

    youll need it

  17. Sorry about the confusion, I just wanted to make sure you didn't cry your way out of the bet like some unnamed sooner fans.

    If I lose, you will get your avatar for the full time, I won't crawfish on you.

    But you are right, I am a cocky SOB. And I have full faith in the Crimson Tide in beating the razorbacks. I also feel good that the Kentucky Wildcats will cover the 21 point spread against the FLorida Gators.
  18. son of a greasy chicken weasel if i did not get stoned out of my head today :D

    so, regardless of a loss or win, i am happy :D..

    GO HOGS!!!!

    lol, i say arkansas will win by 14


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