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Soooo Happy!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cowofsteel, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. man this weekend was the best! I bought an 1/8 on friday afternoon (no school, to icy!) and smoked most of it. Then i smoke some of my dad's opium. That was the most fun i have ever had... unexplainable. but then on saturday i recieve a call from a friend of mine which goes like this
    "Hey man whats up"
    "Not much dude, smoked some opium last night it was the shit"
    "Oo i picked up a QP"
    "HAHAH funny" (we never get anywere close to a qp maybe a half but thats it)
    "No for real man, u want to buy some?"

    so thats what we did all day saturday, it was the best, we musta smoke two Oz between like 20 ppl. whenever we sold some, they would smoke us up with a blunt or a bowl. it was soo cool. the best part is, were gettina qp of nugz for only $600! Were easily gonna make $1500 off it and still have a Oz to ourselfs. im so happy right now
  2. Holy crap!! Only $600 for a QP of nugs?! Wow, I wish I was you :D
  3. I wish I were you too!
  4. ::drools:: i wish i could get a QP of nugs for that cheap! damn! if ya want one around here you're gonna pay (if you're REALLY lucky)... $900 minimum... usually around a G to 1,100

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