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SOOOO got caught again

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by philien92, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Second time getting caught is the worst. My mom was crying this time, but I actually talked to her this time about it and how smoking hasn't changed me.

    Anyways I thought things were going to go back to normal because she told me "i dont condone it but i cant stop you"

    ...but I got home tonight and she had printed out an article and highlighted all this junk in it about how marijuana is horrible for you. It was basically a bunch of B.S. it said how marijuana is highly addictive, and more harmful then smoking cigs and it affects school sports and work performance. I then proceeded to leave notes next to everything she highlighted contradicting what the B.S. said but

    ANYWHOOO anybody have any nice websites or articles that i can give to her to make her realize that all that stuff is just propaganda
  2. Make her watch "The Union"
  3. That article seems a bit dumb

    "Approximately 60 percent of the kids who use drugs use only marijuana"

    Isn't that a good thing?
    and is that cancelling out alcohol because that's also a drug
    and tobbaco.
    I'd rather my kid be smoking pot than say heroin or crack.

    Whatever as long as you're living under her roof you will have to respect her though.
  4. yeah i was gona ask her if she would watch it with me tomorrow. she probably won't though =[
  5. thanks for the links guys.
  6. The Union: Biznes stoj

    There is link to the torrent download. You must show her this movie. And there is one doctor in there that has wrote a couple of books.
  7. Omg, that is such bull shit. This is straight out of the text book. The one written back in the 30's.

  8. i had to read this article to see how much b.s. was in it. wow. like the whole thing is bull shit. they say that kids seek treatment for a marijuana addiction but it doesnt mention that if you test positive for weed in high school, you are almost always going to be forced to take a class on the addiction of marijuana. im guessing that 95% of the 100,000 so called "addicted teens" are forced to go to these meetings or whatever. if any of my parents pulled this shit on me i would flip because i know they are smart and it just pisses me off how our government has brain washed so many people. if this drug is so bad, why are we legalizing the medical use of it and why are we letting these medical patients GROW it? Politics = Bull Shit
  9. Regardless of what you show her and what facts you live under your parents roof, if you're under 18 deal with it and show some respect. If you're over 18 and don't feel like you need to respect the ones who provide shelter for you, get your own place and be done with it.

    Other option, don't smoke at home or around home or anytime before you know you're going to need to go home...but the fact still remains, respect those who provide you food and shelter, especially your parents.
  10. I'm curious about how many of those 100,000 were forced to go through a drug treatment program and how many that actually went by their own choice.
  11. hey quick Q how do i get a picture to be my default??
  12. yeah that treatment figure is complete B.S. i have i friend that got arrested for possession awhile back and since he was 16 at the time the judge offered him treatment or juvey. What do you think all the kids getting arrested for possession are gona take. Its not like they're saying "ohh im addicted to pot i gotta go to rehab." They're using their brain (that btw has not become damaged from using pot like the article says) to make a decision that keeps their ass out of jail.
  13. Tell her Jesus used to burn so it must be legit

    and that God put marijuana here for a reason ' just like everything has its purpose ' there's a reason marijuana grows and the buds bud ' they aren't just there for scenery

    there's a reason you can actually become stronger mentally while high

    its here for us and nobody but God has the right to take it away from us so until the day he decides he fucked up and its not for us and all plants and seeds disappear from our Earth that you'll believe its your right to continue to toke

    people that say you live under their house their rules thats bullshit because you're still your own person with you own life and until you start fucking up and actually causing problems for them ' like say you get arrested for possession and expect them to bail you out ' i could understand that problem ' but you're still your own person as it was their choice to have a child its kinda become their job to support their child not kick them out for smoking weed ya know
  14. If he is smoking under their roof or on their property and they don't want that in their house or on their property, which is completely understandable, It's not bullshit; its their home, their rules. If he is under 18 he is still a minor, regardless of 'him being his own person'. Sounds like you never got a good whoopin' as a kid...
  15. i know i gotta respect them and i do. I'm not sitting here yelling at my mom I'm just trying to convince her that im not going to become the crack head, drug addict bum that she thinks weed makes people become.

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