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Sooo... wen u gon let me tap dat..

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Flya Den U, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. haha this is hilarious
  2. hilarity insues
  3. Sounds like something 16yr olds do... But also sounds like something I would do! If I'm never gonna see the girl then I would do it in a heartbeat.

    If I were to see the girl again... I'd have to be high or drunk..
  4. hahaha the good old game to play to see if u can get laid or not... usually if the chick freaks out about it i say sorry... i lost a bet with a friend and had to text this to every girl in my phone
  5. I'll do this once a girl I actually talk to logs on Facebook.
    No phone at the moment.
  6. Me: Hey
    Her: hey
    Me: So wen u gon let me tap that?
    Her: Hahahaha anytime.
    Me: So soon?
    Her: I have to check my schedule......
    Me: Hurry up it can't wait I only hav 7 dayssss
    Her: Lol, 7 days for what?
    Me: Till I lose interest lmao
    Her: Wqa*z
    Me: Wat lol???
    Me: Well im avaliable Thurs.. Try to pencil me in =)

    let me try sumbdy else now lol
  7. id ask when im with her. cuz if she says now i wont have to travel far :D

    if she freaks out ill just be like JK JK :p
  8. Me: Important question.

    Her: yess?

    Me: I was gonna ask you "wen ud let me tap dat" but I lost interest as you took too long to respond, so fuck it.

    Her: hahah ok

    ^She hates me now for whatever reason.
    Man that was utterly unappealing.
    Gotta find someone else.
  9. Me: Hey.

    Her: heyyyy

    Me:so uh.
    when u gunn lemme tap dat.

    Her: never. lol

    Me: oh.

    tomorrow sound good?

    Her: yes, definitely

    Me: Aight, you're welcome.

    Her: thankss!!!
  10. me: whats up? you're at work right?
    her: Yea till 11
    me: alright ill b over at 12 to tap dat
    5 minutes pass
    her: my boss just asked me to do a double shift so i wont be home till like 7am
    me: so can i come threw at 8 n tap dat?
    her: lol you're such a dick...but im flattered you think about me like that
    me: I dont want to tap dat anymore, lates
  11. I tried it on my ex/FWB
    Me aaay gurl so when you going to let me tap that?
    Her um?
    Me so is that a yes?
    Her haha no lol

    She wasnt very exciting
  12. Me: I gotta ask you something
    Her: ok. Ask.
    Me: When u gon let me tap dat?
    Her: Are u serious?
    Me: Yea, I'm on my way
    Her: i hav my period I'm not doing anything
    Me: backdoor open?
    Her: Nope
    Me: Wat about the upstairs window?
    Her: Its nevr open
    Me: Just open it up nd catch this breeze
    Her: Lol go through ____'s window or backdoor
    Me: No she's not that kind of girl
    Her: And what kind of girl am I?
    Me: the. depressed type that needs some good sick in her life
    Her: I'm not depressed and I already got sum gooood dick in my life
    Me: u wuldnt know good dick if it slapped u in the face
    Her: Lolololol yes I would
    Me: well come let me slap u in the face and u tell me how good it is
    Her: Too bad I'm the faithful type

  13. Hahahaha.. BEST! :p
  14. not a real life story.


  15. Opened back up and moved to humor, only because this shit was making me lol so I wanna read some more...
  16. Uh oh.. I see a close-open-close-open full blown MOD WAR ensuing in the near future!
  17. Lol PBNation created this ages ago.

  18. lol no way were to chill for any beef,.
  19. :laughing: This one made me laugh:

    * Me: Hey Heather, I have a question for you.
    * Her: No, you can not "tap this". I've gotten like a text from 5 guys asking me the same question. Wth is going on?

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