....sooo im lookin to cop some Heroin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebigcat, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. how should i go about doing that
  2. Haha, I just got back from an 8 hour mission in search of some black tar. I came home with a gram though, and am already nodding! :hello:

    Where do you live? It will depend on what kind of heroin you get, and the price. Also, there are techniques for slumming in urban areas, but if you can't get to an urban area, it's obviously only through connects that you find through friends or whatnot.
  3. drugs are bad mmkay?

  4. im just looking for the best possible shit. really wanna have a doozey with the mighty H
  5. Head up to lexington, 125, and wait for a man wearing all black and a big straw hat.

    He'll be a little late though.
  6. Now heroin's just a bit of a bad idea.
  7. Just go to like a skate park with lots of kids. Kids always have dope.
  8. lol hell no (to blazeitup420)

    at least not in the suckafree city of san francisco
  9. go hit the city blocks and make sure u get product in your hand otherwise they'll just run off with yo money

  10. Since you're the voice of reason, care to enlighten us lowly opiate users what is so bad about heroin?
  11. I hope my reference wasn't completely lost on everyone.

  12. But he's got the works, babe, he'll give you a sweet taste
  13. ...and that answers my question. :smoke:

  14. Not at all, in fact I was listening to that as I was reading your post. Velvet Underground is the band to listen to when you are nodding off in opiate nirvana.
  15. when im lush, and on my run

    and i feel like jesus son,

    and i guess, that i just dont know

    and i guess that i just dont know...
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    Well for starters it can most definately kill you. plus it's largely physically addictive, you've got to stick yourself with a needle (generally) to use it, it's freakin expensive and pretty much ruins your life...

    plus there's this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroin#Risks_of_non-medical_use

    not tryin to judge anyone for doing it, it's your life and your body man, but those are the reasons i'll never touch it.

  17. go downtown and start racially profiling
  18. go to the bad neighborhoods.... bein totally honest, ghetto's are where the cheap good dope is at

  19. haha yea... when it comes to black dope dealers they're almost always what u'd consider a stereotype black person... shady gangsters that are on what i call n-word time, if they tell you 10 minutes, u can be sure it'll take at least 20 if not 30

    i dont understand all the rap about hustlin hard n shit, most of these dope dealers are hardly hustling, god forbid they meet you in a reasonable amount of time.. lazy fucks, they must not like money too much, cuz they sure do take their jolly good fucking time

    also a very important rule to remember, n i dont know where you live, but if they pull a gun on you, dont take em seriously, just drive away, unless ur goin to a really bad area, like fuckin south central LA or compton or some shit

    heroin is some shady fuckin business when you dont have a trustworthy connect...

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