sooo i got my first Ph a few Q's

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greenthumb951, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. ok so i got a milwaukee pH pen... the guy at discount hydro said the pen comes calibrated... so does that mean i don't have to soak the electrode like the instructions says.. also i did test it out and it doesnt read right away it will go up or down a few times before it levels out and stays at whatever this normal?

  2. hey man...if he said it comes calibrated it is most likely good to go and you wont have to do that. as for reading your pH...mine has a little clock up in the corner and the numbers will move around for a while until that little clock disapears, as soon as it dissapears that is my pH. If yours doesnt have one just make sure you hold it real still and wait for the numbers to start slowing down, they will eventually stop unless you keep moving it.
  3. awesome dude thanks!
  4. is there any water i can buy that is a set ph to make sure the pen is workin fine?
  5. distilled water has a pH of 5.7-5.8

    so you can buy some distilled water
  6. you can get calibration liquids for PH testers they have a set PH but buying them kinda defeats the object if the guy said its ready to go as thats ment to save u from buying them lol (although they are cheap)
  7. ya it proly is all good it just seems like the pen is reading higher then the drop tester..
  8. I just got the calibration solution today.
    Works wonders. I used two point calibration so bought 7.01 and 4.01.
    Didn't run me up much and most accurate.

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