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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mrs. illadelphin, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I know there are other threads dedicated to this however my exact question wasn't really addressed in any of them that I could find so I'm just gonna post this to see if any of you guys know anything about microwaving for decarbonization.

    I looked up on it and because of the smell decided NOT to decarbonize before I made the hot chocolate.

    So, without decarbonizing do you think the boiling whole milk was enough to activate the THC? Anyone else tried this?
  2. I only made hot pot choc once and I didn't use decarbonization. I also wasn't paying enough attention and let it get hot enough to overflow and smell just like alfredo sauce (what I remember it smelling like) haha

    I do remember being pretty high off of it though. Sorry I don't remember my amounts or times and can't be of more help. Hopefully someone else can add in.
  3. Ahh no, it's fine. I appreciate the feedback for sure and that is a pretty encouraging outcome :p

    I boiled the milk and put the herb in a teabag, heated the milk FIRST, then put the herb in, heated it a little more, then stirred in the tasted okay just a really strange after taste!

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    I did the same but with my bud right in the milk. I looked away for about 30 seconds to go get something in my room and came back to overflowing boiling milk hahaha.
  5. How is it? I'm guessing it worked?

  6. ;)

    I'm enjoying it, I hope it lasts though.

  7. I used to know someone from the south who went to school up here who did this but shes living in PA now. Almost thought you were talking about the same girl.
  8. wow, haha I didn't remember making this thread it was the first time I tried this recipe :smoke:


    since then I have perfected the canna cocoa and inspired many others :D
  9. this does work really well for anyone who is wondering about it--- although it does smell a bit while making it so it is NOT 100% discreet however I have left with a thermos full of it and gone to the library and its a very potent long lasting body high/pleasant for me.
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    for more potent mix and all ur thc for what u get check out my marijuanna tea an coffee guides.

    if you add like half a tsp of non taste budder/oil just enough to see on the top when mix ()should look like small clumps like that< on the top when all mix heat it with the milk an itll combined an you wont even taste it!!! i did it with tea an didnt taste it so u wont with hot choc i adivse pputin buds in it before making with the teabag for the most thc, hope i can be of help!
  11. I have made cookies, brownies, green dragon a few times and always decarbed in butter or the oven. About a month ago I was in a position were I couldn't smoke so obviously decarbing was out of the question. So I took about 2grams of bud and 2 grams of stem and grounded them into a powder with a coffee grinder. I put that into a mason jar and heated up a mixture of butter and vegetable oil until it was practicly burning then I threw that into the jar and caped it very quickly. There was no smell at all. I let the jar sit for a few hours shaking it from time to time.

    After I ate it I thought I had wasted my weed, but low and behold it hit me like a ton of bricks about an hour later. I figure because I ground it so fine and got the oil so hot and instantly capped it, I must have decarbed the weed. I did it out of desperation and it worked as well as if I had made it on the stove.
  12. FYI, it's decarboxylating, not decarbonizing. Also, a more efficient way to make pot-chocolate is to make glycerine tincture first. Just need to add a little to drinks and there's zero pot taste. Takes a week or two of cure time, but it has a pretty long shelf life. BKS has a bomb recipe in her thread. Last night I put maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon of hash tincture in hot chocolate and passed out 30 min later. :D
  13. ^ I agree. I make hot choc all the time with my kids. A couple of drops of my glycerin tincture and I am as excited as my kids over the cup of hot choc.

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