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Sooo Cliche!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    righteously stoned right now

    that i can't even think about possibly begin to think about being creative!

    i love you stoners :)

  2. du-u-u-u-u-de.. i am like SO fucking ripped right now........

    yeaaaahh.................... :smoking:


    shit, what were we talking about?


    seriously though, i AM soo ripped.. i just smoked up for the first time in like 4 days.. it was a loooooong 4 days.
  3. me too so.

    so it to me.

  4. huh/? i mean huh? there we go....hi there...what?
  5. and I'm even like two hours futher into the future from you.

    lemme tell ya, it's pretty weird here.
  6. This is cool...all of us being high at the same time. Ganja, you are being were very creative with that post.

    I've been getting high celebrating your milestone...1500+ posts!!!!! So I, too, am ripped!!!!!!
  7. Well congrats to the Ganja babe! Jesus! I only got 300+ and I'm like member #78! I guess I'm up against some heavy hitters in the posting way. Maybe I should think of something to say.


    Can't seem to come up wit nuttin.

  8. That'll be the day!!!!!
  9. I resemble that remark young lady!!
  10. hahaha you guys are such great company on a friday night :)

    i'm blazin a bowl and this one's for you RMJL and of course bud head and smokinokie and phunkyphil and BPP wherever u areeeeeee

    smokinokie tell me more about what the future is like!!

    i am curious to know what lies ahead and would also like saturday night's lotto numbers if ya can help one bit :D

    i'll split it with ya ;) ;)


    puff puff puff puff
  11. *sob*.......*sob*............

    im not high...........*sob*

  12. Well, it's dark.

    I don't mean that in a pessmesstic (kant spell) way.

    It's just something that happens around here we call night.

    Although while heeding natures call out in the front yard awhile ago (man! I love livin in the country! They said if I ever did it in town again it would be a felony.) I noticed a BLOOD RED waning moon rising in the east.

    I threw rocks and spears at it until it turned back to it's normal color.

    Lucky I was paying attention!

  13. ::::pointing and laughing at Norm::::
  14. Do you all see my "p"? I swear it wasn't there, I went and edited and it still isn't there?

    Wait...why is it a smiley?????????????????? What happened? Oh, I am too high too be confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. LMMFAO @ smokinokie...i swear i can see you out there throwin shit at the sky.....LMMFAO....jesus you guys crack me up

    did you say somethin mary?...i was laughin too hard at smokie to notice.....

    YES......I FUCKING DONT HAVE ANY WEED!!!...i damn well seen you pointin!
  16. LOL i didn't know :p means smiley???


    woah cool it's just the lowercase i was wondering why me :p's never turn into :p's
    hehehehe smiley rocket science

    *blowing smoke in norm's general direction hoping to get him high via contact*

    hope ya got that norm! xoxo~

  17. heehehehehehehehehehe
  18. between you and mary sendin psychohigh this way, i think im startin to feel something.haha....yeah, i must be, i laughed way to hard at smokin
  19. namron.. you should get drunk, or drink lots of coffee or something :D

    after all, high is better than not high.. waay better

  20. drinking=toenails out of mouth.....i cannot drink...i vomit..for days..not really, just a few days worth at once......hence why i smoke, also, if i drank, genetically, i would become and i really wouldnt want to anyway.

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