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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by highawatha, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. ya getting any yet? :)
    i been away ya know,... what have i missed?
    -back to finding out
  2. YES mam.. I get it more now than in the last 16 years all put together.. I found a nice stoner minded female who likes what I like.. or vise versa.. LOL

    How are things in you neighbor hood? Stoned I bet.. LOL

    Have you quit smoking yet?? I am down to 4 a day. I hope to be quit completely by the end of the month.. Or sooner.

    I guess you have seen the last picture of my little darlin. I would have to say nothing in this world means more than her and my boys!

    It\'s good to see ya around.
  3. its good to hear yer happy....cant go wrong with a nice stoner gal
    an me....stoned? naw i been playin good citizen (someone round here has to)
    bout your lil darlin....i sure did see her. what a doll. i sure do love babies, \'specially other peoples.
    catch ya on the flip side son.
  4. I am glad your back.. I missed the stories and the fish pictures.. I haven\'t been fishing for a while. I am in need of a fishing weekend on the lake..LOL

    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods..

    BTW did you get a deer this year??
  5. deer?...nope all the animals that live round us are all safe and going to lure them in with goodies next year :) or else mow one down with ma\'car!
    i did get some cute hunting geer tho. im happy
    definately cant wait for fishing!
  6. Around here everyone is after a deer with the cars.. 31% of the deer killed in this area was killed by a car or truck.

    The cute hunting gear eh? lets see it! lol

    I do so love to fish.. Good place to smoke a little bud and relax! lol
  7. well heres my HAT......
    tho i gotta admit it looks mighty purtey on my gal
  8. hhhm letme tweek up ma scanner and get back to ya on this one....
  9. boohoo i tink i broke it just me or is my picture quite blurry?
  10. The pic looks good!
    The hat looks good.

    Your little angle looks like she is having a blast! She looks darlin with the hat and horse..
  11. tis a fish....stop starrin at the things on my walls! ;) if ida known ida dusted.
    its wooden and was carved by a handicapped dude at a craft show i once a lonnng lonng time ago sure this is NOT politically correct in saying he was retarded but damn the boy could carve.
  12. What a pretty smile :D Does her momma smile like that to?
  13. you guys are the biggest buttkissers in the world but i love ya for it.
    the smile... whered ya think she got it? :D
  14. She\'s almost as cute as the puppy!!! LOL!

    Seriously, she\'s adorable! LMAO....Critter\'s worried about whether or not there\'s a fish on display!!!!
  15. Is this a private OFF conversation or can anyone join in? What I wanna know is: critter, how did you EVEN SPOT that fish? Did you just look around higha\'s walls or do you have super fish vision?

    Helo Higha by the way, how\'s life nowdays, ye haven\'t been here in a while (as no doubt you know), whatcha been doin\'?
  16. private? naaaw. critter2 has special port vision me thinks.

    i myself have been okie-dokie thanks for asking. its just that a gal gets kinda buisy from time to time. that little monkey on the horse runs me ragged! talk about a handfull.
    she either going to be a superstar or a stripper...woe is me :D
  17. The little girls keep you on your feet. I have my small amount of time to do what I want. The little one always make me do what she has planned for me! lol

    I don\'t mind though!

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