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Sooner trampled by an elephant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. Hey SmokyOkie, what's the spread on the Big Game this week?

    Willing to make a little wager?????
  2. In some other thread I think I offered you 8 pts. and the tie. I did'nt decide what we could wager. Most likely it will be illegal so I don't wnat you to mail it to me after you lose. I said AFTER you lose, not IF.

    I have'nt seen an official line but maybe I better go look before I put my foot in my mouth. It was really hot here today and I'll bet it tastes really bad.
  3. SEC!!



  4. Official line is 12 1/2 and you must be from the Dust Bowl because there are no more ties in college football, we now have the infamous tiebreaker by putting the ball on the opponents 20 yard line.

    Since you don't want to wager something illegal how something along the lines of public embarrasment, like the winner gets to make up an embarrassing story about the loser and post it up. The loser has to reply and completely agree to the story.

    12 1/2 points is the line, now do you have any guts to take the wager or do I see a yellow stripe up your back????
  5. *runs through posts naked*

    GO SEC.............BAMA!!!!


    *exits other side, still naked*
  6. You SEC people need to keep your clothes on. I did not need that right then.

    I guess I didn't explain the tie clearly e'nuff for your mere mental capacities.

    By THE TIE I meant this tie I found at a garage sale. It's got a glow in the dark hula dancer on it and says Miami Beach on it and has lots of gold tassles hangin off of it. I thought you hillbillys went in for that kind of stuff!:p Really what I meant is if I win by 8 points, you still win, you see, I gave you 8 pts. and the tie. You see........ here..... let me get a piece of paper for chrissakes!

    The line I've seen was 11 1/2, I will give you 10 1/2.

    Why you ask?

    Because usually when I bet on one of my teams, (Chiefs, St. Louie Cards,) it's the kiss of death. For some reason God does'nt want me to gamble. That's why I'll only give 10 1/2 points.

    Now as to the wager,


    I've questioned your family lineage and you've questioned certain carnal practices involving livestock. We do that all the time. We need something unusual.

    While pondering the unusual this morning I came up with this.

    Winner gets to pick the losers avatar and he has to use it until his team wins a game.

    So there you have it. 10 1/2 and the avatar.


    Now if I see Norm run thru here naked again, I'm gonna shoot him in the ass with my pellet gun!
  7. The advatar has to be of your naked ass!

    Whom ever the looser is has to use their naked ass as their advatar. I'll keep SJ at ease!
  8. hmmmmmm........


    *runs through posts in a thong*


    SEC!!! YEEHAW!..lmao..had to do that.
  9. Smokinokie has a good thing going on there with that idea.

    What's it gonna be Poppa?????

    It's fun to bet...we won $100 on the TN game. Gonna buy a root canal with it!

  10. I'm concerned about something, Normsy Poo...when TN and BAMA play each other on October are going to be for the VOLS, right? You do love me, don't you, Norman???? Surely you wouldn't be for BAMA when it's my team playing them. Right?????

  11. well...we play bama the 28th of this month and tennessee the 5th of next one we beat worse, i think they should deserve a win.

    heh, we play bama and tennessee back to back...neat.
  12. Yeah, we do play you!!!!!!
  13. yeah.....SEC....that pretty much means we play each other every season

  14. Ok smart ass......I forgot who your team was.....geez......


    call them hogs
  16. Why should I give up points from the official line. Today you can find the game at 11 1/2 to 12. Your team is the favorite, playing at home, ranked #3 in the country and you are trying to squeeze another point out of me?????? Don't have any faith in your boys, do you??? Hell, we are on probation, loos of scholarships, completely unranked, had to squeeze out a win against a bunch of Middle TN wannabe's (sorry BudHead) and then here you come trying to nit pick me out of points.

    I'll give you 11 1/2 and the avatar, if you want it and are man enough to back up your team and your State ;)

    Maybe you've worn them chicken strips too long and you are starting to lay eggs on your own. ;)

    11 1/2 and the winner picks the avatar. I'm on with that until the close of business today, after that I won't be able to be around to haggle some more.

    AND this goes to BudHead. What's your fascination with mine and Smokies bare asses? You need to get you a babysitter and go out more often and meet some women, any women. ;)
  17. ive heard they have really lifelike dolls now...........really lifelike. :D:D
  18. I'll give you your 11 1/2. Geeesh! Must be a lot of saltwater in "Bama these days, and I ain't talkin about the ocean!

    11 1/2 and the avatar it is.

    *shakes hand*

    I'm sorry Budhead but I undress my mule for no man!
  19. *streaks naked some more*





    *trips and falls...skidding self up in a bad way*

    i think im done streaking for now....
  20. *pulls out pellet pistol*


    Think of me when you sit down.:p

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