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  1. The time has come to answer for your ills,
    Untwist your tongue and stop with the riddles,
    Shave away your mask, and show your face,
    Give us what we ask, to be saved.

    I can't even raise my hand anymore,
    Soon, questions will be seen as terror.

    I demand that you answer for your lies,
    Begin to speak and tell us everything,
    Peel back your story, layer by layer,
    Before we take our fair share.

    Soon, the prison walls will begin to close in,
    It has already started with your justice system.

  2. Another good one, have you ever tried to publish them?
  3. Not my lyrics/poetry, no. I usually give them away to local bands if they want to use them, all I ask is a writing credit.

  4. Yours or not I thought it was a good post.
  5. Haha, I'm high...This is mine, what I meant is that I've never tried to publish any of my lyrics/poetry. I've had some journalism published though.
  6. Your signature is pretty accurate. So how was Hunter S. Thompson in real life? Lmao
  7. Crazy as all fuck.

  8. I watched Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson a while ago and he was a badass motherfucker. Straight Rebel!! Even chilled with the Hell's Angels. And the "DRUGS". That man truly lived his life.

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