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Discussion in 'General' started by Sherak, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I Have a problem with my sinus cavity, I got somthing called nasal polyps which are like scar tissue growths, anyway about 7 or 8 year ago my sense of smell and taste dissapeared, after putting up with for a couple of years I went to doc's and had a operation to remove them and after 2 years or more of no smell I got it back.. Was amazing... this was 5 year ago.. anyho over teh last 2 years it has deteriorted again to the point about 12 months or more ago it dissapeared again... totaly...

    :( For a weed smoker this is pretty bad shit! :(

    Anyway, I am booked in to have them removed again tomorrow!!!! :hello:

    And as long as everything goes to plan I have a few things lined up to celebrate... Im off to Amsterdam first week in December and also last december I decided that I would keep a gram or 2 of every strain I smoke until I get my sense of smell back so I can relive the year :)

    I took this photo a while ago and have since added Blue Cheese and Chronic...

    I just cant wait to overload my senses with these babies... I will keep you updated! :)

  2. That sounds horrible, not being able to smell or taste :( Hopefully everything goes well for you tomorrow. I'm also going to Amsterdam the first week of December. My plane leaves next Friday evening :D
  3. youll have tons of delicous bud welcoming you hoome : )
  4. TY TY.... Could have hooked up but we arrive the Friday after (9th)
  5. dude nice stash
  6. You should make money eating terrible tasting things before you have your surgery lol. But that bud looks so nice your lucky lol.
  7. good luck on the operation and youll be glad you saved those nugs.........nice
  8. TY all... sat in my room now post op... pretty uncomfortable having air bags in your sinus cavity but looking at a picture of my little jars is quite soothing :)

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