soo i'm kinda confused...

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  1. so theres this girl that i'v liked for kinda a long time and me her my best bud and a couple other girls hung out today. it seemed like to me that she was coming on to me... ya know like little touches and flirtyness and all that shit. i never knew that she has smoked before or even partyed but we got on that subject and her and the rest of her friends wanna party with just me and my buddy after homecoming. so i'm feelin really fucking happy cuz i'm gonna party with this chick i liked for a long time and she was flirting with me today. so later in the day just me and my boy are talking about whats going to go down and he all like "i wanna fuck **** so bad" and like "i call ****" and i'm saying you cant fucking call that shit. so later in the day i was talkin to the same friend about those girls and wat not and he says that she texted him about it and she said that she wants to dance with him??.... so i'm kinda angry and confused it my buddy is telling the truth or lying just to like claim rights...or this girl is just messin with my mind. any sugestions i really like this chick and i think we have alot in in common (haha we of course i do)
  2. Somebody answer before i fucking kill myself!!!!
  3. Your friend is the only person who knows if he's telling the truth or not.
    Does your buddy normally lie about girls? Would he lie about this girl?
    I don't think you can "call" or have "dibs" on a lady. A girl is not shotgun or the last beer or whatever.

    It's up to you - is this girl worth messing up a friendship for?

    And dude, please type that out better next time. I had to read that shit very slowly to understand what you were talking about. What does "...i think we have alot in in common (haha we of course i do)" even mean?
  4. The title had me thinking you were gay.
  5. If y'all are both going for her, it's up to her to decide.

    I know it sucks, cause I been in situations like that. Not that I'm not a smooth mothafucka, but a lot of my friends are too, lol.

    Don't get your hopes up, but don't throw in the towel just yet.
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    Just spit yo game who ever gets it gets it dont be mad if he wins but be confident if they start talkin or wat ever call her over to where ur at with a lil liqour and sum bud n spit game

    N dont say shit like your goin to kill yourself just to get attention..
  7. Offering tickets to the pig roast?
  8. This just sounds like some high school drama to me.

    He could very well be lieing about her saying that, trying to make you think you don't have a chance so you back off.

    Just keep doing everything that you can to win her over. She's the only one that can decide who she gets with.

    And be smart, starting a new relationship usually isn't worth losing a friendship over it.

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