Soo I was getting my hair cut yesterday and was told a story...

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    And my hair stylist/dresser, I don't know what to label her as but she cuts my hair, asks me what my plans are for this summer. So I tell her something along the lines of "well I'm going to Germany with my good friend, he had a foreign exchange student from Germany stay with him and go to school here and we became good friends. His family is going to take the two of us and show us France for a couple days, Amsterdam if we are lucky enough to have time, and then we are going to Spain to stay at his summer beach house for the rest of the trip." And she said "ohh well thats really cool but let me tell you a story before you continue...

    As I was a kid I had a neighbor that was doing the same thing as you, had a best friend that had a foreign exchange student stay with him, and they became good friends with him and decided to visit him in Germany, this was right after his birthday, and after graduation. Well they got into an accident on the Autobahn and died instantly. They were cremated and their ashes were sent back to their families and that's what their families got back instead of their children."

    I'm thinking wow thats a creepy coincidence. Especially sense it was my birthday when she was telling me this story. And then she says, "it was a real shame, he was a really nice bright kid that had stuff going for him, he was going to go to an art school to better things too."... And I'm currently enrolled into an art institute.


    When she told me the story she didn't know it was my birthday or what my school plans are. I just thought this was fuckin weird and freaky and thought I would share.
  2. Theres mad fucking foreshadowing going on there.
  3. still going? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.
  4. Kinda reminds me of that seinfeld episode where George gives his Caymen Island plane tickets to Kramer because a psychic told him something terrible would happen on his trip.

    Kramer went and had ``greatest four days I ever spent in my life``

    Therefore I will gladly take you place.
  5. Just a coincidence. I wouldn't get flustered over that.
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    I'm still going, fuck that I'm going to have the best time of my life:smoke:

    I also had a dream twice that I died by falling out of the sky to my death two days before my flights to Charleston SC. It was a really peaceful dream so I wasn't afraid on the plane trips but I was expecting to die kind of but it was a comfortable feeling I can't really explain it haha. But yeah maybe that is for the plane ride to Germany and not to SC:eek:
  7. What kind of cruel bitch would ever tell a story like that to a kid who is all super excited to be going to Europe?

    "Hey man, that sounds awesome but let me tell you a story that will completely fuck with your feelings about this trip even though the chances of this story ever happening to you too are astronomical.

  8. great episode :smoking:
  9. thats incredibly creepy, but i wouldnt really think anythign of it.

    jsut stay off the audobahn.
  10. Hahah I knoww really! She said she just wanted to make sure we were careful which is understandable I guess but I'm not about to try to go as fast as I can on the Autobahn, almost all of the accidents on it involve tourists that drive as fast as they can an outta control.

  11. i would.

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