Sony device help... WHAT IS THIS?? (Camera/Mp3 player/ebook reader/video/voice)

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    Help me figure this out....

    I have this 'Sony Device' and I need to know what it is...

    Like a model name or number... Or something.

    I cannot find ANYTHING, ANYWHERE about what this thing is called.

    I need to sell it tomorrow but I can't figure out what in the F' it is called, to know what I'm selling. I got it as a gift back in '06 and have never used it.

    Its got a Video Recorder/Digital Camera/MP3 Player/Voice Recorder/Ebook

    I have no idea what it is called and it says no where on it.

    Only writing on the device is 'Sony' on the front and back.
    As well as, 'DC-6360' and '2006' on the bottom but that led no where.

    I know I have some Tech-Heads on here.

    You will save my day!
  2. Can you open it, remove the battery, and see if theres a sticker beneth it? there should be a more detailed product description there.
  3. It just takes 2 AA batteries.

    Nothing written in there at all.

    I'm at a loss.
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    [ame=""]YouTube- Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work[/ame]

    Yeah No identifying model number... Over my head.
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    That video is precisely how I feel.

    Except this thing works, it just has no fucking identifiable markings.

    No Swahili... No fuckin' hyroglifics...

    Atleast etch a picture of Horus, mindfucking me with a dildo,
    while I sit at my computer for 37 hours,
    trying to decypher what the hell it is I hold in my hand...

    I feel like this freakin' lady
    [ame=""]YouTube- Netflix commercial - Medieval Romance[/ame]
  6. can i have a few more details?

    connectivity? usb, sd etc

    storage size?

    camera details?
  7. It takes an SD memory Card.
    Comes with a cord to hook the F'er up to a T.V.

    Thats pretty much it.

    There is literally no markings anywhere on this thing except 'Sony' x2
  8. Just spent the last 20 minutes or so looking but I really can't find anything. Damn. Maybe you could just tell the person you honestly don't know what it is, and give them a discount or something. If I do find anything I'll let you know though.
  9. Yah, i went through a few hundred product photos aswell and came up with nada.

    Its got to be filed under something like "PMP".

    OP, If you open it up, and tell me whats written on the PCB I could narrow down the search in Product service manuals for Test & repair, but i fear its probably constructed using sometype of "clip Once" system that will break when you try to "tamper" with it.

    On the bright side, if you wait another year or so there should be an Iphone app that allows you to take a photo of the item, and then it will crossrefrence it with every similar image on the web, and then grings up its Wiki page. Sneaky Boffins are allready in the process of designing an App that allows you to take a photo of someone, which will bring up thier facebook page/myspace page using similar technology :eek:
  10. Wait a year to do it on your Iphone, or get an android phone and use the stick Google goggles app that does the exact same thing...
  11. I feel that if it's that hard to find, it's probably a knock off or something
  12. I won't be doing either, i actually enjoy my privacy, so havent owned a mobile phone in almost 2 years now ;)

    My friends hassled me about being paraniod untill last year, when one mobile provider, Sprint, admitted they have a website specifcly for LOE's to track thier mobile phone users.


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