Sony already getting owned

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  1. Mmm anyone with xboxlive HALO 3 BITCH

    here all the trailers we already have from the PRE-E3 confrence, btw all sony did was show ANOTHER MGS4 trailer and ANOTHER RE5 trailer(coming to 360 anyway)
    The Test Drive demo is up as well as these trailers:
    BattleStation: Midway (Ubisoft)
    Brother In Arms Hell's Highway (Ubisoft)
    Bullet Witch (AQ Interactive/Cavia)
    College Hoops (2K7 2KSports)
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe (Konami)
    Dead Rising (Capcom)
    John Woo Presents Stranglehold (Midway)
    NCAA Football 07 (Electronic Arts)
    Rain (AQ Interactive/Cavia)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)
    Test Drive Unlimited (Atari)
    The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-Earth II (Electronic Arts)

    * 11:40pm: Looks like they are starting early. CliffyB on stage giving a demo of Gears of Wars now. Looks really good, no launch date given.
    * 11:49pm: Moore talking about gaming division: all of their gaming and entertainment resources are under a single division now. 5 million Xbox 360 will be sold in 8 months time, better than other consoles or even iPod. 6 million Xbox LIVE users by E3 2007. On average 4.5 games and 3 accessoires sold per Xbox 360 console.
    * 11:54pm: upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games: Pac-Man, Contra, Frogger, Galaga, Sonic the Hedgehog, Defender, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Time Pilot, Ultra Mortal Kombat 3 and Scramble ... and more odl arcade content ffrom Konami, Midway (Ultimate Mortal Kombat), Namco (pacman, digdug, ...) and Sega (old Sonic games!) ... ofcourse all updated in High Def.
    * 11:56pm: Agreement with over 100 independant developers for IND XBox LIVE Arcade games.
    * 11:57pm: Luminus Live coming to Live Arcade.
    * 11:57pm: Partnership with Warner Music Group means exclusive music content. Example: Madonna music in Luminus Live.
    * 11:58pm: Live Arcade is just appetizer for 'real' Xbox 360 games. The next wave of 360 games will be "truly next generation games".
    * 11:59pm: Some video demos running: Lost Planet, Table Tennis, Brothers In Arms, Mass Effect, NHL 2K7, F.E.A.R., Too Human, Viva Pinata, MotoGP '06, Battle for Middle-earth II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Madden, World Series of Poker, Saint's Row, WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007, Stranglehold, Enchanted Arms, Test Drive Unlimited, NCAA Football 07, Dead Rising, DDR Universe, Prey, Superman Returns, NBA 2K7, Crackdown, Ninety-Nine Nights and Gears of War.
    * 12:01pm: Over 160 Xbox 360 games by holiday season 2006, with several exclusive titles.
    * 12:03pm: Software still coming out for the original Xbox too ... but only from 3rd parties.
    * 12:04pm: Announcement of new Lionhead game: Fable2. (video GC demo running - "Every choice leads to a different destiny")
    * 12:05pm: Another new game from MS Game Studios: Forza Motorsport 2. Showing demo of game - realism is high. Will have over 300 cars, upto 11 opponents on Xbox LIVE. To be released this xmas.
    * 12:08pm: Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel announced, with force feedback. Also a wireless headset (that look less crap than the normal Xbox 360 headset) and Xbox Live Vision Camera. All 3 HW addons to be released this holiday season.
    * 12:10pm: Talking about Japan now ... how they are still committed to this country
    * 12:11pm: In meantime I get tons of people msg'ing me lots of trailer have been added on Xbox LIVE right now, including a 104.42MB Halo 3 trailer - heh.
    * 12:12pm: Sakaguchi talking about and showing us Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon is due this xmas in Japan.
    * 12:13pm: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 also coming from Tecmo. Trailer coming this week on LIVE.
    * 12:13pm: Trailer of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Due in september 2006.
    * 12:15pm: Rare comes talk about Viva Pinata. Demo running. "It's about letting your imagination go and transforming a small piece of land". You will be able to buy and trade items over Xbox Live Marketplace.
    * 12:17pm: Viva Pinata coming this holiday season as well. Viva Pinata clearly shows MS plans to attrack more than just the hardcore gamers.
    * 12:20pm: Some numbers ... over 18 million downloads from Live MarketPlace, over 1000 content pieces available. Game demos work - after release of "Fight Night" demo, pre-order went x5. Marketplace will also be used for true episodic content.
    * 12:21pm: Marketplace will get music videos, movie trailers, and exclusive content from Paramount, Touchstone, Disney, Epic Records, Lionsgate and Fox.
    * 12:21pm: HDTV content coming.
    * 12:22pm: MS shows HD-DVD addon. Looks like like a smaller Xbox 360. Addon is also due this xmas.
    * 12:24pm: Grand Theft Auto IV coming to Xbox 360 on October 16th (USA/CAN) and October 19th (Europe). Doesn't say if game is exclusive, so guess not. MS will get exclusive episodic content from RockStar via Xbox Live though.
    * 12:25pm: Now talking about Windows Vista ... the "most game-friendly OS in Windows history".
    * 12:27pm: They show 'Crysis' on Vista.
    * 12:31pm: More vista games: Age of Conan, Flight Sim X. Vista is "The single biggest launch in the history of Microsoft, and also a great day for gamers"
    * 12:33pm: Oblivion sold 1.7 million copies in 3 weeks on Xbox 360 and PC. More Xbox360/PC releases coming - 2 demos running ... coming january 2007.
    * 12:37pm: Demo of Remedy's Alan Wake now. Some great facial expressions there. Exclusively on Windows and Xbox 360
    * 12:38pm: w00t - Bill Gates coming on stage now. He says he is PGR3-addicted and his family likes Live Arcade (heh).
    * 12:40pm: Gates repeats again how important the software (dev tools, interface) are for the success of a console.
    * 12:41pm: MSN, Hotmail will be connected with LIVE. They want to attract people of all age. They are also adding 8 new countries: South Africa, Chile, India, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
    * 12:42pm: Biggest problem was stock ... but that's now solved, Xbox360 should be widely available. Plan to sell 5 to 5.5 million units by June. Gatest says they will have sold 10 million units before the PS3 or Wii even launches.
    * 12:43pm: 3 million LIVE subscribers, 6 million planned by next year. Next level of Xbox LIVE is connecting it with PC and the Windows Mobile world. Connecting it with 230 million MSN Messenger users, 150 million Windows gamers and 1 billion game-ready cellphone.
    * 12:45pm: "We're going from Live to Live Anywhere". Live Anywhere will be part of Windows Vista. 1 interface, 1 identity, 1 friendslist, 1 message centre, 1 marketplace. You could for example start game on 360 and continu it on cellphone.
    * 12:48pm: Scott Henson on stage to demo Live Anywhere. Shows "Shadowrun", you can call up friends list and see what they are doing nomatter what platform they are on. (in demo Major Nelson is on list and showing as working on his PC, Scott sent him a cross platform invite).
    * 12:50pm: One gamertag no matter what the platform is. You can even do achievement comparisons across different platforms.
    * 12:53pm: Mobile stuff now. They use a Motorola Q running Windows Mobile. Showing Marketplace on Windows Mobile and how you can play Zuma with your gamertag on your mobile.
    * 12:55pm: Other example is to edit car skin on Vista with Paint Shop and race with it on Xbox 360.
    * 12:59pm: Conference ending with ... what did you think ... a Halo 3 trailer of course. (you can download the Halo 3 trailer via Xbox LIVE, or on your PC from the bungie website)

    along with trailers for all these AAA titles
    - Halo 3 Announcement Trailer
    - Viva Pinata Trailer
    - Alan Wake Trailer
    - Too Human Trailer
    - Gears Of War Trailer
    - Forza 2 Trailer
    - Shadowrun Trailer
    - Fable 2 Trailer
    - Crackdown Trailer
    - Splinter Cell Double Agent Trailer

    there are many more trailers avalible on live as well

    sony hasnt shown anything worth wild yet and microsoft whipped out the biggest guns i have yet to see at any e3 to date, 100gb harddrive announced along with HDDVD drive, ps3 will be shipping at $500 with no HDMI wifi or media card slots and $600 for HD wifi and media card slots.

  2. oh did i mention GTA4 comes out on 360 6months before ps3?
  3. GTA4 is due to be released Oct. 16th 2007, not 06.
  4. <-- PC Gamer
  5. wasn't halo 3 canceled?
  6. Sweet another FPS just what we need :rolleyes:
  7. I think Nintendos Wii, is gonna be the console to own. Shit name though, revolution sounded so much better!!
  8. I was exicted with it before i saw some games that looked worse then N64 and all of them WORSE THEN GAMECUBE

    killed it, dont care if its $25, the red steel screenshots were VERY decieving....its only marginally acceptable

  9. didn't the sun burn out?
  10. i cant wait till halo 3 comes out.. im a halo freak.. but i also cant wait untill GTA4 comes out also. are you guys sure its GTA4.. because they have GTA, GTA2,GTA3,GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas... so wouldnt it be GTA6?
  11. blah to these games.
  13. *won't be paying a rediculous price for that thing*
  14. You're not talking about the Xbox 360, are you? When Xbox came out it was $300, no one thought that was a high price.
  15. I wish everyone could be a fanboy. Fortunately im not that stupid. I believe in the progression of the industry, 360 or PS3, I don't care. I will own both. Stop trying to take sides like some grade school fight, GROW UP. Make rational decisions. You are a "fanboy" and won't understand any of this, so how about a pre-emptive *deleted by Indianatoker City Admin. Consider this the only calling isn't tolerated here..

    Apply that to your opine.

  16. Maybe one should consider growing up them selfs before telling others to.

    Every post ive seen of yours has been nothing but negitive jibber that is really not needed here on the city you wont last long here by the way. :wave:
  17. Halo 3 looks so damn good. Already am rocking the 360. I'm addicted to MGS though. SO I have to get the fucking PS3. Damn ADDICTIONS!
  18. your nuts. you gonna get the $500 one or the $600?

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