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  1. Today was a good day. Smoked up all day with some friends, and found out online they just put a sonic up, about only 10 minutes from where i live. The closest one before this, was like 3 hours away, so i never ventured up there. I just got back, and i'm fucking amazed. With that new dollar menu, i only spent like 6 bucks and stuffed myself. Anyone else appreciate the sonic?
  2. your so lucky i see the comericals on tv for em all the time but there like 1000 miles away. i whould love to try it maybe they will open one next to me!
  3. the closest one to where i live is also 3 hrs away, but my friends and i drove down there once, as evidenced by my profile picture. anyways its good shit.
  4. i love sonic burgers
  5. lol ^

    yea, i see commercials for them all the time but nearest one is 200 miles away
  6. I think there's 3 sonics throughout our city. Maybe a few in the closer cities within 10miles too. They have some tasty beverages.
  7. I was hoping thats what this thread was going to be about.
    The video game though not the toon sex.

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