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Sonic Commercials...

Discussion in 'General' started by NOVA, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Does anyone else find those wacky Sonic commercials funny as hell...even when not high?!?! Cause I sure do..." So I took this date here last night, and she got her meal of the $1 Menu", "So I say wow your a cheap date", and she says,"what?!", so I thought she's hard of hearing so I yell " WOW YOUR A CHEAP DATE!!!!!"

    Its probably my favorite...my second is the one where he can't count lol..."i don't know...8?"
  2. they are pretty good commercials man, make me wanna reeses blast damit,lol.
  3. I will never forgive those Sonic bastards for discontinuing the peanut butter fudge shake. I know they have the ingredients, they just won't make it for me! But yeah, sonic has the best commercials of all fast food restaurants.
  4. I agree, pretty intuitive light-hearted comic relief. Greatly scripted.
  5. The awesomeness of the commercials are balanced by their terrible food lol.
  6. I like em but why the fuck show me those commercials when that fucking restaraunt isnt around here. Im only mad cuz Sonics looks good and i would like to have some =]
  7. LMFAO YEA MAN, that shit had me laughing for hours with friends when we saw that commerical on tv
  8. ugh one of those commercials just came on. They ones with the woman annoy me, but I love Sonic. I worked at one for a year, it was one of the most fun job's I've had. We'd always bake up the restroom, and rollerskating out food while high is so fun.
  9. You don't go to Sonic for the food lol, you go for the drinks :smoking:
  10. Yeah I know brah they look so good, but the closest one is over an hour away!! Like WTF is that!!lol That and Denny's commercials around here in Eastern CT...Ive never seen a Denny's remotely close.

    Thanks Joker...maybe soon enough lol

  11. hell yeah! They have like the best limeade ... gotta love their drinks ... but their tator tots with cheese are bangin :smoking:
  12. If a bunch of stoners work here why isn't the food better...I don't get it lol I want to go to one...like now! lol
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    Has anyone never felt that the two Sonic guys might be child predators?

    Let's look at the facts:

    - Two guys, one kinda straightedge, the other goofy as fuck.
    - They drive a MINIVAN
    - Only two people ever occupy the MINIVAN
    - They're always together, never any women

    I think at night they rub Sonic hamburgers all over each other and lick the grease off.

    So I think the Sonic they go do is across the street from an elementary school and they're trying to load up their MINIVAN with as many boy children as they can so they can entice them with $1.00 Sonic Candy Blast so they can rape them.

    Seriously, just a thought.
  14. You've thought about this too much haha.

    My favorite commercial is when one guy is going to eat a tater-tot and the other guy swats it away and starts yelling about weak tater game. Bueno.
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