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  1. Any seen that fucking crazy space trippy sonic commercial?
  2. link it up son.

  3. ^^^ do it OP
  4. [ame][/ame]
  5. Lol sonic never fails at making me want their fooooddd with their commercials. I must get blown and lose my sonic virginity. The closest one is like 40 mins away.
  6. O I was hoping it was along the lines of this [ame][/ame]
  7. Every commercial should be like this.
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    Me too. Like fuck that. You have the best cheapest food that someone brings out to you and the advertise it like all the time, then have the closest one an hour a way.
  9. I have one in walking distance. I always get 42 ounces of something to cure cotton mouth. You can get 84 ounces of slushie for 1.10! So fucking good
  10. Yes I have seen it, I love Sonic, we need to get one here.

  11. Shit made me laugh hard for some reason.

    And 4paws do yall have an 84 oz cup at you local sonic? Not sure if you were just talking about 2 41 ozs or what. 84 oz of delicous cherry slushee sounds orgasmic. At my local one if you go during happy hour i think you can get a rt. 44 for like $1.
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    2 route 44

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