Songs you're embarassed to like

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  1. We all have some song we don't want to like, and yet beckons us. What's yours?

    Mine is "Believe" - Cher (and other songs in the same vein ;))
  2. Lucky by Britney Spears, Im not too embarrassed as I know quite a few otherwise manly guys that find equal satisfaction in that song. Im going to put it on right now.
  3. Ack, these songs ;\ I don't know why, but these two songs always interest me:

    Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed To Live
    Gareth Gates/whoever is singing it at the time - Unchained Melody (I prefer Gareth Gates' version over all the others I have heard).

    I am ashamed to admit I like these songs, but fuck you, they're good.
  4. Good Thread! :hello:

    phew, so many but the gayest have to be...

    Take That - Back for Good
    Diana Ross - Baby Love
    ABBA - SOS
    Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun

  5. Anything by Linkin Park >_<
  6. Nice thread.
    I have a few, the one that i'm into right now is 'the adventure' - angels and airwaves.

  7. goes.

    Meat Loaf's 'I Will Do Anything For Love' and 'Bat Out Of Hell' - He's just a lot of fun to blast out in your car! ...When you're alone that is.
  8. Guilty by The rasmus
  9. prison sex -tool

    might seem odd to be embarassed about but: its about a guy getting raped....
    like it more for its riffs than anything else.
  10. anything by kelly clarkson
  11. Def....Pink, as well.
  12. mortal combat - techno syndrome

    lmfao i dunno why but that shit gets me pumped after a good sesh :D

    keep the posts comin this thread could be huge.. we're all embarassed of at least one of our songs lol
  13. i'm embarrassed to admit that Kelly Clarkson isnt half bad. her song are pretty catchy and they get stuck in you head.

    since you've been gone WOO OH OHHH...
  14. Haha, too many to count. I think I agree with mostof these on here, except Linkin Park. haha

    But to add one to the mix, I'm a Celine Dion fan, and currently in my CD player is a Sarah McLachlan CD
  15. this limp bizkit song called "Dont go away angry" or something like that...

    i realy like that song, but i'm fucking embarased because fred durst sings it.
  16. im not really embarassed to like it but everyone thinks im gay cause i listen to it

    but rocket man by elton john
  17. Spice Girls

    Barbie Girl - Aqua
    Candyman - Aqua

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