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Songs that remind you of another time in your life when youre high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grindandunwind, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. I can't work it out but it seems like when I listen to a song that I had an obsession with at one point I get this sort of weird feeling like my body is trying to know what its like to be back in those days again but at the same time struggling to remember (because, I admit, I haven't got the greatest memory.. At all)
    All the point in times i smoked weed as well which is an added spin-out factor... Obviously.
    Anyone else get this?

  2. I definitely know what you mean when you say this, I feel the same way!  Whenever a song comes up that I was obsessed with a few months/year back, it is almost reminiscent of a different stage of life; what I was going through and the thoughts that went through my mind when I listened to it back then.  When this happens, it always seems to send a shiver up my spine, but in a good way, because I really enjoy thinking about those memories. 
  3. Its called nostalgia dude haha. I have it sober and high. Mostly sober actually.
  4. Way of Light - The Gift of Gab

    Untrust Us - Crystal Castles

    I hate your boyfriend - Murs

    Turn to Stone - Joe Walsh

    Badfish - Sublime
  5. Same time every time
  6. metallica - hero of the day
    311 - flowing
    lil flip - sunshine
    nwa - 8ball
    beastie boys - high plains drifter, song for the man
    ministry - 10/10
    the pied pipers - dream
    lagwagon - may 16th
  7. I can't help but recall my childhood when I listen to Nirvana.
    Daaamn, good word... 
  9. Yep! It's nostalgia. Soooo many songs just give me that chill and I just bask in my memories. The best is when I'm high and I listen to a song that I listened to when I started smoking. 
  10. Never heard of nostalgia OP? That makes me feel old as hell lol
    I've always been more of an album guy than individual songs; but whenever I hear Stars are Projectors from Modest Mouse I feel like I'm walking home through Memorial Park at midnight back in my Junior year, miss those days; life was so much simpler..
  11. Music is amazing, there are some songs I can't even listen to anymore because of the memories I've attached them too.
  12. Wutang clan reminds me of smoking out in h.s and linkin park for some of my best adult times.

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  13. I know exactly what u mean OP. Sometyms I wud spin an old album from my hard drive folder and get flashbacks of the great moments I used to have that cud hv been associated with those particular songs at some point in my, concerts, house parties, barbecues or smoking sessions etc...
  14. many slightly stoopid songs
  15. Strangely David Bowie takes me right back to when I was three....
  16. Kanye west graduation was my smoking album. Now every time I hear any song from that album I think about those days when that's all I did was smoke.

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  17. Bandelero- Slightly Stoopid
    Dear god I had such a huge obsession with this song when I first started smoking. Every time I listen to it, it reminds me of hitting my first bong and just getting high as shit. :) Good memories
  18. Champion - Buju Banton
    Love Sosa - Chief Kief
    Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
    Herbalist - Alborosie
    ....Good Times 
  19. Hard candy by counting crows
    Man on the moon by Kid Cudi
    Brain damage by Pink Floyd
    Screams in Caves by Polar Bear Club
    Reefer Party by Wiz
    No Sleep by Wiz 

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