Songs that get you pondering.

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  1. I was wondering, what songs make you think everytime you hear them. Whenever I listen to Fight Test by the Flaming Lips I just look back on my life and look towards the future and wonder what it holds. It puts things in perspective for me, how life is so short and you should stand up for your ideals and feelings now while you can.

    It really wierds me out, how the years are starting to fly by and I dont know what is going to happen. Tomorrow could be the end of the world according to some therories, mainly the Oscillatory universe theory which I subscribe to. I guess this ramble's main point is that the world as we know it could end, and what do we, or myself, or what does anyone really have to show for our existance on the planet.

    Im not going to be able to sleep now, but what are some other songs that get you going like this.
  2. Dancing with the devil- Immortal Technique. Listen, and you'll understand.
  3. Mist-John Butler Trio, no singing, just some good ole' guitar, always makes me ponder the brighter side of things :D
  4. reflection, by tool

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