Songs for awesome sunsets!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sensimil, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Im just looking for some suggestions :) Im making kind of like a mix playlist..ive been catching some awesome sunsets on my days off :)~ a lil ska reggae, slighty stoopid, 311 (amber, eons) kind of to suggestions :)
  2. Otis Reading ........sitting on the dock of the bay

    Louis Armstrong.......what a wonderful world

    The Beach Boys..........the warmth of the sun

    Peace out..........Sid
  3. pink floyd... i wish u where here....

    pink floyd.. dark side of the moon.....

    the beach boys.. ( i dont think they sing it, but u will find it under there name) california dreaming

    the beatles... here comes the sun...

    the beatles... there are places i remember...

    the beatles... yesterday.....

    bad company.. (i just like these song)....feel like makeing love...

    kansas. dust in the wind..

    the animals or the eagles... house of the rising sun..

    the eagles.. hotel california..(my fav song off all song i like.......)...
  4. Sulk - Radiohead
  5. summertime - sublime

    you know this would help if i had all my music on my comp to look through... but no... the gods are taking vendgance on me!! lol

    aqeuous transmission or pretty much most stuff off of morning view

    i'll get back to you on this one...after work, and listening to tracks on the way there
  6. King tubby,dub reggae
    cant name a tune its all good
  7. More Than a Feeling- Boston Come to think of it, a lot of Bostons music would probobly fit. Kansas too.
    Hook- Blues Traveller
    Try some Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks.
    Or Electric Light Orchestra

    Most of these tunes are pretty ancient, but sometimes, they still work well.

  8. Aqueuous transmission is brilliant!
  9. california dreaming was done by the mamas and the papas if memory serves me right. but sitting on the dock of the bay is a good choice like sidious said. uhhh yeah blues travlers or pink floyd.
  10. I wear my sunglasses at night- that one off vice city but i cant remember the name.
  11. one of my favorite songs to listen to after I get off of work in the morning while driving home, smoking a jay, and watching the sunrise (close enough, eh?) is Lou Reed - Perfect day
  12. Fools gold by the stone roses
  13. Tom Waits - Invitation to the blues

    Nightmares on Wax - Nights interlude (Smokers Delight version) You must check this one!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Kris Kross - Jump

    Snow - Informer

    Just the two that came off the top of my head.

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