Songs Bout Animals!

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  1. Lets name songs about animals!

    1. "How much is that doggy in the window..."

    2. "Mary(Jane) had a little lamb..."

    3. "Three blind Mice"

    4. "the ants go marchin one by one, hurrah! hurrah!"

    5. "this little piggie went to town, this little piggie stayed home...

    ...know of any more?
  2. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, a duck
    Screw a kangaroo
    Finger bang orangatang
    Orgy at the zoo.

    Dunderback oh dunderback how could you be so mean.

    To ever have invented... the sausage meat machine

    Now all the neighbors cats and dogs will never more be seen

    For theyll be ground to sausage meat in dunderbacks machine!
  3. you rock, man! those are sum excellent lyrics. i haven't heard the second 1 before, but it seems really fuckin awesome.

    i like the "hap penis", too. woo for penis!

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