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Song to describe toking to someone?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by SuperPhreak, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Very specific, I know! Haha I was trying to think of one for a buddy today, and I was trying to decide between Eclipse, Us and Them, Three Little Birds, but decided on Green Day. The song, off of Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Not for the style of music, not really the best high song *although not bad*, but for the lyrics.


    "A small cloud has fallen
    The white mist hits the ground
    My lungs comfort me with joy
    Vegging on one detail
    The rest just crowds around
    My eyes itch of burning red

    Picture sounds
    Of moving insects so surreal
    Lay around
    Looks like I found something new

    Laying in my bed
    I think I'm in left field
    I picture someone, I think it's you
    You're standing so damn close
    My body begins to swell
    Why does 1 + 1 make 2"

    Especially the middle part of the excerpt. Like, that is exactly how it is. What song would you use to describe?

  2. Try luniz-I got 5 on it
  3. [ame=]Sleep - Dopesmoker [full] - YouTube[/ame]

    Pretty accurate
  4. Nooooo. Maybe for when ur smoking with friends while drinking in a party type atmosphere

    But for the true spirit of weed aka smoking and introspecting id say any song off dark side of the moon
  5. Can't get any closer than this.

    [ame=]Stick Figure - Walk of Life | Reggae Music - YouTube[/ame]

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